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Old Mill Tasty Shop

Posted on October 3, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

I introduced a friend to Old Mill Tasty Shop last week.

Old Mill Tasty Shop on Urbanspoon

Faith and I were walking to Wasabi the other day when we walked by Old Mill Tasty Shop. I found out that she’d never been there so I asked if she wanted to try it. We ended up stopping eating there instead of going all the way to Wasabi.

I mistakenly ordered the regular chicken salad sandwich instead of my favorite, the toasted chicken salad club. The chicken salad sandwich was good but not nearly as good as the toasted chicken salad club.

It was my mistake though, so I ate it and enjoyed every bit. I also enjoyed the potato salad that I had on the side.

Faith really liked her toasted chicken salad club. I ordered a chocolate shake which she got to sample also. I think she liked the restaurant. We may eat there again next time since it’s so close to work.

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