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Our New Roof

Posted on September 24, 2013 by under Home Ownership.    

Back in May of this year we had a really big storm that rolled through and damaged a lot of property around the city.

I had considered myself lucky because I didn’t have any visible damage, unlike some of our friends who’s homes looked like they have been perforated by a series of shotgun blasts. As the months progressed I had started to notice the gravel that covers the shingles had started to deposit in the driveway. It looked like I wasn’t so lucky after all.

My wife had been taking a Spanish class at the Rec center that she teaches Zumba at. During her classes she had made friends with a guy that worked for Dolphin Roofing, a locally owned and operated Roofing contractor. She recommended I ask him to come take a look at the roof. Me being a person that researches companies before I let them do any work for me decided to do a little research on Dolphin. They turned out to be a really good company. They are BBB Accredited and have an excellent history in the city.

From the start Dolphin was on top of things. They started by coming over and looking at the roof, they respected that I wanted to be there for it because I like to learn about this stuff. I think that learning about these things can help me be a better homeowner in the future. Plus, if I move and have to use a different contractor, they may not be as good and the knowledge I gain from the previous contractor can help me to see that.

Dolphin advised that there was indeed damage to the roof and that I should call the Insurance company and file a claim. Then Dolphin did something that I had never seen a company do before. They sat on the call with me while I talked to the Insurance company. Providing advice and insight as we filled out all of the insurance requirements. When we were done he laid out what was going to happen next with the Adjustor.

A few days later the Adjustor came by. Me being me, I was there for that as well. Again, Dolphin Surprised me. The owner of the company showed up to make sure that the adjuster was not only through but fair with his adjustment, this was something I had never seen from a company. Again, Dolphin explained everything and made me feel confident that not only was my roof going to get fixed, but it was going to be fixed right and that they would be there until the end and wouldn’t consider the job done until I was happy.

A few weeks later we were off and running with the roof replacement. The guys at Dolphin came out, and did an excellent job with the roof. I had lots of questions and they didn’t hesitate to answer them. It made me feel good that we had such qualified people working on our home.

Here are a few picture of the roof from my perspective.





Once the job was done they did an excellent job of making sure that there was no trash or nails left behind. With the exception of the new roof, you would never know they had been there.

I have to give it up to the guys that were up on the roof too. I went up there with one of the guys from Dolphin to look at the damage and just about didn’t get down. However, the guys at Dolphin are really nice. Instead of making fun of me fore being scared of heights, he showed me the safest and easiest way to get on and off the roof without hurting myself.

Here are a few pictures that the Dolphin guys took for me.

I really wanted to get some pictures of the work from up close and the Dolphin Guys knew I was scared of heights so they took some pictures for me and sent them to me later. I tell you these guys are not like any other company. They really take care of you.

This week the gutters are getting put in and their gutter guy called me and advised me that he had a color that matched my trim work better. I wasn’t sure so he left me a sample of the gutter along with a color pallet to look at so I could compare my current gutter color with the others he suggested. Most companies wouldn’t have taken the time to ask, they would have just thrown up the color you told them to and moved on.

I am so grateful that we found Dolphin Roofing. They have been professional, courteous, informative and an all around great company to work with. If you ever need anything on your house done call them first, they do more than just roofing.

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  • Replies to "Our New Roof"


    Sean  on September 25, 2013

    I wonder why builders don’t bother installing trim around the rear and side facing windows, even those considered to be upscale. It’s obviously a cost-cutting measure.


    Ching  on September 26, 2013

    I think it’s for the same reason that you only see brick on the front and not the sides and back – it is cheaper!


    Ann Shirley  on October 2, 2013

    I’m glad your home only got minimally damaged and that you were able to get your roof fixed up! It looks really nice! My home suffered a little bit of damage from a recent storm as well. I am getting roofing repair help from Hawaii. What kind of roof do you have? I am considering switching to asphalt because I heard it was more dependable and affordable than some of the other types.


    Chris Martin  on October 7, 2013

    WOW!!..I am at a loss for words Brian, you and your wife are wonderful people and so kind to say such wonderful things about our company. It was a pleasure to serve you both. May God bless you both in everything you do.

    Chris Martin
    Owner of Dolphin Construction & Remodeling, LLC.

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