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Mallards Bar at Peabody Orlando

Posted on August 29, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    


I only had a limited time to get ready between my training session and the live concert so instead of going to Pointe Orlando to eat dinner, we ended up grabbing something at Mallards. The quality of the food and drinks was good, but there are significant downsides to Mallards. The biggest one being the limited selection. Since it’s a bar, they just have a handful of options. And, it’s “bar” food. It may be upscale bar food, but it’s still bar food.

The service was also terrible that night. I don’t know what was up with our server, but she was inattentive and unhelpful. She was almost borderline rude. Immediately after she delivered our food, she brought the check over. That’s one of my pet peeves because it makes me feel rushed. Plus, I wanted to order some other stuff. It was really annoying.


Besides that, their drinks are super expensive. Then again, that’s probably normal for Orlando. I’m so glad I live in Wichita where I can get a couple of drinks for $13. LOL.


I think we should have tried one of the other restaurants located inside the hotel instead (there are a few inside Peabody Orlando). If only I wasn’t in a hurry. I probably would have been better off going back to B-Line Diner or grabbing something from B-Line Express (the diner’s to-go counter).

Possibly the one thing that Mallards has going for it is the march of the ducks at 11 AM and 5 PM. So just go for the ducks. Don’t bother eating or drinking. LOL. Or, save yourself the trip and just watch Brian’s video.

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