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Airport Eats

Posted on August 23, 2013 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    

I hate long layovers at the airport. I prefer to time it just right so I am ready to board the next plane as soon as I get off the previous one. Brian, on the other hand, is always paranoid that he will miss his connection so he likes long layovers. He makes our travel arrangements most of the time so I’m at his mercy.

What to do when life hands you lemons? Well, you make lemonade of course. So we used the long layovers to sample some of the airport food. First stop: Berghoff Cafe at Chicago O’Hare.


Out of all the restaurants in our terminal, Berghoff got the best reviews. We were there too early for lunch though, so I couldn’t get a reuben which is what everyone on FourSquare recommended.


We didn’t eat breakfast before we left Wichita so it worked out perfect actually. Brian had a breakfast wrap and coffee. I had an omelet with toast and jelly.


As with most airports restaurants, Berghoff uses cheap plastic utensils and my fork broke halfway through my breakfast meal. If anyone at Berghoff is reading, switch to Knorks please. Anyway, the breakfast wrap is pretty much an omelet wrapped in a tortilla. It’s cheaper and way easier to eat. No need to use the cheap forks. So if you go and get breakfast there, my advice is to get a breakfast wrap. You can even eat it as you’re running to your gate. LOL.


On the way home Brian gave me a four hour layover in Houston. Why? I have no idea. Houston is never as busy as Chicago or Atlanta. I was bored out of my mind. I decided to eat at the Chili’s despite the horrible reviews on FourSquare. Most of the negative reviews revolved around the slow service, which wasn’t really an issue for me as I had four hours to kill.

I had the appetizer sampler with the big bites, Southwest eggrolls, and spinach dip. The food was decent and the service wasn’t too bad. Everyone was correct about the slowness, though. Anyway, they let me charge my phone and hang out at the bar even after I finished my meal so I can’t complain. What I will complain about though, is my four-hour layover. Never again.

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