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Done and Done

Posted on August 4, 2013 by under Projects.    

Can't wait to frame our Star Wars blueprints for the office.

Brian got these 70s era Star Wars blueprints from his dad several years ago. We finally pulled them out of storage recently because we wanted to use them to decorate the office. We had this crazy idea to get all of our favorites framed so we could hang them in the office. We had no idea that custom framing would cost so much.


Well, we kind of knew because we had some prints framed at Hobby Lobby several years ago, but I guess we’d forgotten. LOL.


We went to Michael’s this time because I found a 60% coupon for custom framing. Except, even with the coupon it was super expensive. As in, each frame was going to cost over $160 even after the discount. As many as we needed done, it was going to cost almost a grand for what we were trying to do.

We actually paid for the first two prints and everything. The nice lady at Michael’s said it would take a couple of weeks, which meant the prints would be ready while we were in Orlando. Anyway, as we were on our way out, I noticed that they were having a buy one get one sale on most of their frames. This got me thinking, why are we going to spend a grand framing these blueprints when we can do it ourselves for a fraction of the cost? So it’s not masterpiece glass? So what? The prints are just going to hang in the office anyway. Not like they’re gong to be on display in the living room.

So after buyer’s remorse kicked in, we went back to the custom framing area, apologized to the lady for being so flaky, and asked for a refund. We used $80 of the $320 to get four large frames and two smaller ones. We got a deal on those too because I had a 20% off everything (including sale items) coupon also. I’m Asian and I’m frugal. I’m all about coupons. LOL.


Here are some pictures of Brian hanging the freshly framed blueprints.


We did it the cheap way, but the prints look just fine.


These are the four big ones on the East wall.


The R2-D2 blueprint is framed by itself because of its orientation and, well, it’s R2-D2.


R2-D2 deserves to be in his own special frame. LOL.


The other blueprint that we framed separately is the mobquet landspeeder.


We didn’t originally plan to frame this one but we had an extra frame because of the BOGO offer. LOL. Anyway, I liked this one the best out of all the other blueprints that were left. So what do you guys think?

Personally, I think our office decor fits our nerdy personalities perfectly. I’m really happy with how the blueprints turned out. I’m even happier that we came to our senses and didn’t spend more than $80 on the whole project.

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