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The Flying Stove

Posted on July 24, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    


We got to try the Flying Stove’s new menu last week. It was delicious!


It wasn’t on the diet, but you just can’t pass up Flying Stove when it’s parked down the street from your work. LOL.


This is Apu’s curry chicken wrap. It’s not like the curry chicken wraps that I’m used to… Delicious, but I prefer the curry chicken wrap they serve at MIF Deli.


This is the Mexican fruit cartel. Different, but good. It had a spicy kick to it.


Of course, you can’t eat Flying Stove and not get truffle fries. It’s their signature side. I wish I could eat anything and not get fat. Ugh. Why, oh why, did I ever have to be cursed with such slow metabolism? Blech.

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