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Cafe Bel Ami

Posted on July 6, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

Pictures of my food at Cafe Bel Ami last week…


They have great fattoush salad with feta. I’ve been hooked on feta cheese lately.


Everything is great at Cafe Bel Ami, actually. I’ve yet to eat anything there that wasn’t delicious. Of course, I get my usual most of the time — grilled tilapia. It was really good this time because instead of mixed veggies, it came with green beans. Their green beans are done really well. I made a happy plate.

Cafe Bel Ami on Urbanspoon

The one down side about eating at Cafe Bel Ami is that they’re not fast at all. You can’t really expect to be in and out. It’s kind of a leisurely place to eat. You need to allow at least two hours. Seriously. They are never fast. Even on their slow days, they aren’t. The food is delicious, though. It may be worth it for some. For me, it’s a once in a while kind of treat.

If you don’t mind slow food, you definitely have to give this restaurant a try. It’s one of the nicer restaurants downtown (and one of my favorites). The menu prices are great too. The quality of the food is outstanding for what you pay. The service is equally good, slowness aside. Give this place a try and let me know what you think.

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