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Christmas 2008

Posted on December 24, 2010 by under Family.    

Sunny’s Christmas Party


This has got to be my most favorite picture from Christmas 2008.


Jen and Shane. What a handsome couple!



The party was like a mini cruise reunion. I had brought my big cruise photo book for everyone to sign.


Dan was MIA, though. We missed you, Dan!


Brian with Sunny and Jennifer (Jacobs). We know way too many Jennifers, Jens, Jenni or Jennys. It gets way confusing at times. LOL.






Santa even came! It was one of the best Christmas parties I’d ever attended!



I got this from Santa (aka Sunny and Scott).


Kathy and Kurt, another one of our favorite couples.


Shane and Jen again.


Bonnie and Uncle Roy.


The always animated Vic Patterson.


Sunny and Sierra Scott.




Christmas Eve




Karaoke is a given on Christmas Eve. Brian, who loathes karaoke and wishes he could go back in time and assassinate its inventor, actually endures it for the sake of spending time with family. Usually he’ll just go to another room and bury his face on his laptop. This year was no different.

SIDE NOTE: Do you recognize the laptop, E? This is Eli’s old laptop that we bought from him for $500.


2008 was the height of Brian’s addiction to World of Warcraft. I believe that is what he is showing Logan in this photo.


We love having the Cannadys as part of our family.


We got a digital picture frame for mom and dad. I think they still use it today.


Eli is sooo cute! (I’m talking about little Eli now. Not the adult Eli who we bought a laptop from. Well, I guess he is cute too. I wouldn’t know, though. We haven’t seen him in a while. He spends most of his time in Tokyo. LOL.)





Further evidence that we are a family of nerds. Brian is not the only one buried in his laptop on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day

Christmas 2008 001

Christmas 2008 053

Christmas 2008 056

Christmas 2008 062

Christmas 2008 064

Christmas 2008 074

Christmas 2008 077

Christmas 2008 081

Christmas 2008 107

I got this flat wallet in 2008 and I still use it!

Christmas 2008 108

I think these have replaced the old Abercrombie & Fitch ones that I got for Brian several years ago as his favorite lounge pants. He wears these all the time!

Christmas 2008 110

Christmas 2008 137

There were almost 300 pictures taken on Christmas Day alone. Rather than post them all here one by one, just check out the slide show below. For the previous installment of Christmas recaps, click here.

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NORAD Tracks Santa 2010

Posted on December 24, 2010 by under Things to Do.    

Remember how I posted about NORAD’s Santa tracking efforts back in 2007? Well, fast forward three years and NORAD Tracks Santa now has an official web site AND a Twitter AND a Facebook page! Who knew that Santa was so hip?

Only a few minutes left before the official Santa tracking for 2010 begins. Are you ready? Let’s get tracking!

P.S. You can also track Santa on your phone by opening Google Maps for mobile and doing a search for “Santa” to see his latest location. Neat, huh?

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Christmas 2007

Posted on December 22, 2010 by under Family.    

Picture 261

I couldn’t decide which pictures to post besides this one so I’m just going to embed a slide show. Enjoy!


More Christmas Photos

Posted on December 21, 2010 by under Family.    

Christmas 2004

A Gift for Jen


Logan and Ching Ching

Logan, Brian and Jude


Christmas 2005

Brian and Ching


Ashley and Isa

I think 2005 was the only year that we didn’t spend Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. This is because they had just returned from a trip to the Philippines and weren’t ready for company. Brian and I spent the evening with Kuya Dominic and Ate Jane and their family. Brian was working at LSI with Kuya Dominic at the time. Diddy, one of their coworkers was there too.


Christmas 2006

Photos from Christmas Eve…

Photos from Christmas Day…

Next time we’re going to see pictures from Christmas 2007. Stay tuned!

NOTE: Click here for the first installment of old Christmas photos and here for some other ones.

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Our Relationship Timeline

Posted on December 20, 2010 by under Life.    

1999: Brian and I met in the Spring. I was dating his coworker at the time. I attended one of their work get togethers at Walt’s on Central and Rock Road. That’s where Brian and I met for the first time. Brian and I ran into each other a few more times through their work functions and became friends. My boyfriend dumped me by the time Summer rolled around. We weren’t together for a year, but it was the longest relationship I’d been in at the time. I was devastated. Brian was there for me. He helped me mend my broken heart. In Fall, I fell in love again. This time with my best friend. By the end of the year, we were practically living together.

2000: This is the year I moved in with Brian and Kevin. They were living in a two-bedroom townhouse on 32nd and Rock Road at the time. Brian and I occupied one bedroom and Kevin took the other. Brian and I had quite a few sleepovers prior, but I didn’t actually have any closet space until this year.

2001: We bought a house! Little did we know that it was going to be a big mistake. LOL. We were so excited at the time. We moved in on April 14, 2001. Three weeks later, Brian proposed.

2002: After being engaged for almost a year and a half, Brian and I got married on August 10, 2002. It was a really exciting time for us. Neither of us had ever been married before. For our honeymoon, we went on a seven-day Caribbean cruise. It was the first time that Brian had ever been out of the country. We had a blast!

2003: When Brian and I first met, I was in the Engineering program at Wichita State. I was on a four-year scholarship that ended in 2000, before I could complete my degree. College was not a priority at the time, so I dropped out. Brian tricked me into going back to school in 2003. I changed my major to Management Information Systems and attended the Barton School of Business at WSU.

2004: This is the year I became a naturalized US citizen. I had been holding out to do it with my family, but they were taking forever and my green card was about to expire. Well, technically I had a while (about another year or so), but those of you who know me know that I don’t like waiting until the last minute. So I went ahead and did it. This is also the year that Brian lost his job. Thankfully, I had just gotten promoted at work so that helped out a little. This was the year that changed our lives forever.

2005: Our first year in credit counseling. This was a really rough year for us. We had to completely change our spending habits. Brian got a job at Cox Communications and we got introduced to Ogame. Life was challenging and stressful. Thank God for poker. It was a great way to destress after a tough week of fulltime school and fulltime work. This was the year of the Park City Poker Roundup. After several tries, I actually qualified. Brian didn’t stay at Cox for long because he got a job at LSI. He only worked at Cox for a couple of months.

2006: I finished my bachelors degree. I was actually going for three minors: Management, Accounting, and Computer Science. I didn’t get my CS minor, but two out of three ain’t bad. My graduation gifts were Molly (who lives with Tita Sol now) and Bebot, the first brand new card we’d ever bought. I wasn’t done with Wichita State just yet, though. During the week of finals, I took my GMAT, applied and was accepted to graduate school.

2007: Brian got Crichton. It was the first time that we’d ever paid cash for a car. We felt like such grownups. LOL. We finished credit counseling and celebrated by taking a trip to Jamaica. We spent a week at an all-inclusive resort as an early anniversary present to ourselves. We had to go in July because I didn’t want to miss any classes. It was our best vacation yet.

2008: Brian started his new job at Viega. I graduated from grad school — got my MBA (with Finance concentration) from Wichita State. Finished with school, we finally had the freedom to travel. We didn’t have much money to do so, though. Lucky for us, Kurt hired us as dealers on a poker cruise. We got to return to the Caribbean. The ports were the same as our honeymoon six years prior, so we got to relive some of the happiest days of our lives.

2009: This is the year that I completed Leadership Westar. I couldn’t do it before because it was a huge commitment and I didn’t want to miss any classes. Being out of school, I could finally participate. Brian got to visit both the Philippines (pleasure) and Germany (business) for the first time. He did quite a lot of traveling this year.

2010: Brian got to visit San Francisco for the first time. We finally got rid of our house and are taking advantage of our new found freedom. Without any pets or a house to take care of, we are pretty much free to pick up and go whenever we feel like it. We took several road trips this year. We learned a lot about our relationship and each other this year as well. We both went through individual therapy and also couples therapy and it has helped us a lot.

2011: I’m looking forward to what this year will bring. We are ending the 2010 and starting 2011 in Las Vegas, which should set the tone for the entire year. If 2010 was the year of therapy, 2011 will be the year of adventure. So far we also have a trip to the Philippines planned. I am every excited. I hope I have some exciting things to share with you guys in the coming year.

P.S. Did I miss anything babe?

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