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Archive for the year 2008

Some of Our Loot from Christmas Day

Posted on December 28, 2008 by under Family.    

I got all of these goodies in my stocking…
Christmas 2008 011
Brian got a smaller box of Choxies, which we ate already. =P

A gift from cousin Tracy…

Christmas 2008 012
It’s a 7-pc whiskey decanter set… I know who will be using this one!
Thank you, cousin Tracy!

Donna got me this beautiful necklace from LuCinda’s…
Christmas 2008 022
Incidentally, Jenni got me a $30 gift certificate to LuCinda’s. I used it to get the matching earings. Now I just need an occasion to wear my new jewelry. 😉

I got some clothes…
Christmas 2008 040
I got this one and a carnation pink shawl collar sweater that I wore to dinner the other night. Both will be great to wear at work while the weather is chilly. I also got a turtleneck, a v-neck, and a workout zip-jacket.

Brian and I got a complete bed set…
Christmas 2008 048
This will be perfect in the chocolate room!

Grandpa Clark gave me something truly special…
Christmas 2008 073
This framed handkerchief is something truly special and significant. Grandpa was stationed in Leyte and other islands in the Visayan region during World War II. Some of the local women, who could very well have been my ancestors, made handkerchiefs and tablecloths from used Japanese parachutes. Grandpa purchased some for his mother and his sister. This one that they framed and gave to me had belonged to his late mother.

I got a flat wallet…
Christmas 2008 107
I have always wanted one of these. Now I finally have one! I mistakenly referred to the material as snake skin when my mother-in-law Donna quickly corrected me and told me that the people at the store said it is eel skin. “Oh,” I said, “because snake skin would be soo 80s! This is 2008. Eel skin is in and snake is out.” LOL.

These are just some of the things we got. Mom and Dad B went nuts as usual. We got a bunch of other stuff ~ almost everything on our Christmas lists. They are way too generous to us. Thank you, Mom and Dad B!

Anyway, I will let Brian blog about his own loot. =P

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Christmas Carnage at the Brubakers

Posted on December 28, 2008 by under Family, Flickr, Life.    

0_200812250927_715.jpeg 0_200812250927_716.jpeg

Christmas 2008 162 Christmas 2008 190

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Framed Tango Lithos

Posted on December 27, 2008 by under Life.    

0_200812132318_578.jpeg 0_200812132320_580.jpeg

Tango lithos framed & still in plastic.

Custom framing cost me $110 for both of these, even with the 50% off discount on custom framing that Hobby Lobby was running. At least the lithos were free, though.

The lithos are courtesy of Viktor and Julie Tarm. They let me pick from their huge litho inventory. These were my favorite. Actually, I only picked the one on the left but Viktor talked me into coming home with the other one also. 🙂

Brian and I think the prints will look fantastic in the chocolate room.

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Our Gifts from the Cannady’s

Posted on December 27, 2008 by under Family.    

Christmas Card

The Cannadys gave us the cute photo Christmas card (above), a cool 2009 calendar (the quote at the bottom cleverly fits the picture of the boys in shirt and ties), a box of chocolates (which, amazingly, I haven’t touched yet), and some cash (you guys shouldn’t have). However, their best gift of all is their company on Christmas eve. It is something that we look forward to every year.

2009 Calendar

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Another Financial Disaster

Posted on December 26, 2008 by under Life.    

We got to talking about this while we were playing Phase 10 yesterday. I’m not sure how we got on the subject, but I thought I would find information on it and share it with you all. Be careful who you entrust your retirement savings and finances. There may be other Bernie Madoffs out there just preying on naive investors. Consider yourselves warned. Invest wisely and choose trustworthy people to manage your money.

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