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Archive for the year 2004

Jen’s Initiation

Posted on December 22, 2004 by under Poker.    

Jen played poker for money for the first time tonight. As the beginner’s luck fairy would have it, she kicked ass. As of right now, she’s in the top three (in the money and chip leader at that) positions and my ass is at home blogging. I hope she wins because I want to get her hooked on poker just as I got her hooked on booze many, many years ago. Just kidding. I had nothing to do with her chronic alcoholism.

Of course, Jen is not even close to being drunk but Jason was almost desperately trying to convince me that she was. He’s like, “How’s she going to get home?” I’m like, “She’s fine. Trust me.” I think he wanted me to say “Oh yeah, good point. Let’s convince her to spend the night at your place.” He freakin’ has no couch.

This is a classic example of the male ploy: let’s take advantage of the drunk girl.

One problem: the girl is not quite drunk enough. Jen would need to consume a lot more alcohol for that plan to even have a chance of succeeding.

But then, it wouldn’t be so bad for the two of them to hook up. Jen and Ray are, after all, kinda-sorta on the outs.. Not quite sure where they stand at this point.. So by all intents and purposes, she is a free woman.

So anyway, Brian schnaggled his way out of racquetball tonight and, it turns out, he is trying to make another play at getting out of racquetball tomorrow night. Instead of playing just the late session at Heroes, we are now playing BOTH sessions. That just scooted racquetball right out of the picture. As you know, I’m a poker addict first and foremost, so if anything can get me to cancel racquetball that would be poker. It seems Brian has found my Achilles’ heel and he is totally using it against me. Or perhaps he has known my weakness all along and has finally decided to use it to his advantage.

At any rate, if anyone wants to play racquetball I’ve got a court reserved from 8p to 10p at the North YMCA which will not be used. It’s under Brubaker and Hoffman if anyone wants to use it. Enjoy!

I’ll be at Heroes. It’ll be my first time back in the APL circuit – a long awaited return that I’ve been looking forward to for months now. I’m still mad that Fingers shut down but I’m sure I’ll find a new favorite poker place. See you all around.

UPDATE: Okay, Jen just called. She won first place!! You go, girl! Awesome job for a first time! But then, now that you have been kissed by the beginner’s luck fairy, you may not be so lucky tomorrow. LOL!  

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Racquetball was a Bust

Posted on December 17, 2004 by under Games.    

Racquetball was a bust naturally.  I intended to play for two and half hours.  Of course, I would be playing with Brian alone so I had my doubts.

I won the first game. As in, totally whooped his ass.  Second game, Brian won 16-14.  I gave it to him. I didn’t want him to feel impotent or anything. Third game, I won again. He was totally whooped.

Brian decides he is out of breath and has had enough. Typical. He sits in the corner while I play by myself, just hitting the ball against the wall. I have him count how many times I can hit the ball against the wall without messing up.

Just so you all know, I’m not really any good at racquetball so I can barely break six on this silly play-by-yourself-because-Brian-is-too-tired-to-play-with-you game. It’s really boring and stupid and I hate it. I hate that he gets tired so easily.

So I get totally bored and I figure that he’s had enough rest so I tell him, if I can get to 15 he must get up and play with me again. Brian, assuming perhaps that I wouldn’t be able to do it, readily agrees. I fail several times, barely even getting to 10, but I persevere. I get to 12 finally and almost mess up but I recover and get all the way to 24. Go me! Brian doesn’t have a choice but to start playing again.

At least, his word is good.

He’s all grumpy and whiny as he gets up. We hadn’t even resumed playing again and he’s already whining about wanting to go eat at Chipotle (his favorite place to eat these days) and stuff. It’s barely even 8:00 pm, mind you! Our court reservation was from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. In my frustration and utter complacency, I challenge him to a bet.

Overwhelmed by my own misplaced cockiness I go, “You win this game and we’re done. You won’t have to play anymore.”

“Eat at Chipotle?” he asks, with as much excitement as he can muster. If you’ve ever met Brian, you know that he’s not the most expressive person. It’s like getting excited almost takes too much energy.  He is the antithesis of me.  I say this because everyone knows, I am highly excitable.  I’m all the way to the right of the periodic table, trust me.

“Sure.  You can do whatever you want.” I was oozing with arrogance. I oozed it like a brand new tube of toothpaste. I’m soo evil!

Anyway, big mistake!

After the first couple of rallies, I knew I was in trouble. Yes, you heard me right.  Brian freakin’ rallied! He was all over the place, returning almost every freakin’ hit. I was flabbergasted!  Whoa!  Where did this come from?

“Why don’t you ever play like this normally? You’re so much more fun to play with when you play this way.” I egged him on, and I shouldn’t have. I was down, but all I could think of was – wow, this is so much fun! I thought to myself, even if I lose it would be worthwhile because he’s ten times more fun to play with when he plays this way. Of course, I was still of the belief that I could catch up at any time and whoop his ass.

Needless to say I lost.  And then it wasn’t so amusing anymore. I must’ve given Brian one of those evil glares that I am known for because he goes, “What?”

“I wanted the game to be more challenging, but I didn’t want to fuckin’ lose!” Ugh! I will get him next time.  Now that I know how to motivate him to play, we’re going to have so much fun from now on!

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Posted on December 12, 2004 by under Family.    

Sometimes you come across photos that just make you homesick. That’s what Aaron Vicencio’s photos do to me. I can’t even remember how I came across his PBase gallery. I just end up all over the web whenever I try to sit down in front of the computer to do homework. I really shouldn’t procrastinate but I can’t help it. There are so many interesting sites to visit, fascinating people to read about (and talk to) and vivid pictures to view.

Anyway, I want to go home so bad.. Perhaps see old friends, visit relatives and travel to the tourist attractions that I never got to see or experience when I was living in the Philippines.. I want to do the whole tourist thing. It would be so much fun! Sadly, Brian and I can’t afford to right now though. Given our current financial status, we won’t be able to for a while more than likely.

Thankfully, Mama Iyay’s visa got approved so she will be visiting us in a few months. That’s at least something to look forward to.. But then, I fear that her visit will make me even more homesick. *sigh*

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Carded at the Movies

Posted on December 11, 2004 by under Life, Movies.    

I should be in the freakin’ movie theater watching Blade Trinity right now. After all, Brian bought our tickets this morning and everything so we wouldn’t have to fall in line at the box office. We left Abuelo’s in plenty of time so that we could be at the movie theater by 3:30 pm, get our snackies and secure good seats.

When I say good seats, I mean right smack dab in the middle. I MUST sit in the middle. I count the number of seats and everything. Yes, I’m psychotic like that. I absolutely can’t stand not being in the middle when I watch movies.

So Brian goes, “Do you want to go get our seats?”

At first I was like, “Nah – I’ll just wait for you.” But then I changed my mind when I saw the line for concession. I figured I had to get our seats before someone else grabs them. I gave Brian a quick kiss, took my movie ticket and headed to the ticket boy.

“Are you seating for Blade Trinity yet?” I asked.

He goes, “Yea – but I need to see your ID.”

“What do you mean?”

“I need to see your identification,” like I didn’t know what ID stood for. What a dumb turd-bucket!

“Are you serious?” I was going to tell him how old I am but for some reason I can’t ever remember my age when I’m put on the spot. I hate that!

So all I could say was, “But I’m [uh..] old!”

I mean, how can you not fucking tell I’m over the age on 18? I’m almost 30! I have wrinkles! I have cellulite! Yes, I still have baby fat but I’m fucking OLD!! Ugh!

He counters, “But I can’t tell that.”

With a sigh of resignation I replied, “I don’t have my purse on me. I’ll have to go get it.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER EVER bring my purse anywhere that I go with Brian. If I have to bring my ID like when we go to a bar or watch a movie in the balcony I just give him my ID. Why the fuck would I want to lug around a purse when I know I’m not going to need anything in it? Brian didn’t tell me that I needed to bring my ID so I didn’t have it on me. We would have to drive all the way back home to get it and come back. What a pain!

I return to Brian who hasn’t moved an inch in the concession line.

“Let’s go get our money back,” I tell him.


“The ticket boy carded me and I don’t have my ID. We’d have to go back home and come back and I really don’t want to see the movie if I have to sit in BAD SEATS.”

Brian was pissed off because he really wanted to see the movie but he really couldn’t do anything because I had my mind made up. We weren’t going to see it because they had already upset me.

He goes, “Did you stumble when he asked how old you were?” He’s alluding to a time during our cruise when I wanted an alcoholic beverage.

It was at one of the bars on Lido and the guy carded me. Of course, I didn’t have my ID on me. I was in a freakin’ bikini! When the bartender asked for my age, all I could manage was “I’m a.. uh.. uh.. How old am I, baby?” Brian still picks on me about that.

“No, he didn’t ask me.. I was actually going to tell him but I couldn’t remember how old I was again so I just said I’M [uh..] OLD! What a fucking douchebag!”

“I can’t believe they carded you. They never card us. I guess if we would’ve gone in together, you probably wouldn’t have gotten carded.”

“Of course, they’re not going to card me when I’m with you! YOU HAVE GRAY HAIRS! They’re probably thinking I’m sure she’s old enough, she’s with a 40-year-old guy!”

Brian and I were rolling with laughter. Picture the two of us in the car, laughing our asses off about our silly conversation. I was laughing so hard I was crying.

I really was ticked off, though. I wish I would’ve gotten that boy’s name and gotten him fired. I really wanted to watch the movie. I guess it’s a sign that I should do my school work. I would definitely much rather procrastinate by watching Blade Trinity than playing on the computer!

That douchebag will pay!

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Posted on December 9, 2004 by under Life.    

Jen demanded that I update.  I really don’t feel like it to be perfectly honest.  I am stressed out, worn out and frustrated.

You know how sometimes you forget that God exists and then He thumps you on the head and goes, “I am watching YOU!”  I think I’m having one of those days (weeks? months?) ~ sigh.

As many of you know, Brian lost his job last week.  So we went from being DINK (Double Income No Kids – an acronym I picked up from David Johnson, Half of Reason, we were classmates last sem) to SINK (I’m hoping that ya’ll are smart enough to figure this out so I won’t have to explain what the letters stand for). Hopefully we won’t go from SINK to SUNK!  Sunk doesn’t stand for anything because I’m not as creative as Brian who then said, “Let’s pray we don’t become DUNK!”

Anyone who figures out what DUNK stands for gets a cookie (or donut, your choice).

By the way, since we are broke and all I decided I’m going to start selling crass t-shirts from and resell hosting. Some of the shirts are quite offensive (but that’s right up my alley, I like offending people) while others are downright hilarious!  The hosting is cheap and if you get hosting through us, I’ll give you permission to bug me 24/7. So help us out.

Oh, and those Google ads on the left are actually supposed to create some revenue.  I haven’t seen a check yet but that’s because you don’t click on them! Ugh!

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