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Archive for the year 2003

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Posted on November 16, 2003 by under Life.    

Since we’re reminiscing and everything, here are some old class pictures for you. It should be easy to find me because I cropped the pictures to include only the part that I’m in.

So let’s play a little game of “Where’s Ching?”

 Third Grade  Fifth Grade  Sixth Grade  First Year  Second Year  Third Year  Third Year  Third Year

You’re probably wondering why there are three third year pictures. And no, I did not flunk third year and take it three times. Our school had each grade divided into sections and so usually each section had their own class picture. Our section Sta. Catalina decided to have two pictures, one crazy and one serious. Then, I wanted to be in a picture with my friends who were in a different section (St. Anthony) so I snuck in their class picture. I’m not sure if anyone else pulled the same stunt but their class advisor was really cool and he didn’t mind.

My final year at SFACS was the craziest. It was the year before we left for the US and it was the first time that I was separated from my barkada. I felt so misplaced. I remember skipping school a lot that year so I could hang out with my friends. I would sit in on some of their classes and even take quizzes. Terribly convenient since Sheryll and I have identical penmanship. Other people couldn’t tell it apart only she and I could. l I felt like I belonged to their section and probably spent more time with their class than I did with mine.

The handwriting thing actually came in handy in 1998 when we all got drunk at this one bar. I was piss drunk and totally out of it. Sheryll had to sign the credit card receipt for me. We had quite a tab!

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Exam Woes

Posted on November 15, 2003 by under School.    

Boo hoo!  I’m still getting over that dreadful exam that I had to take.  Did I mention that I hate Macro?  Well, I do.

Brian took me to Body Ink and Steel on Tuesday, Veteran’s Day holiday.  We had Dan cover up my old tattoo.  It was soo painful!  My first one didn’t hurt at all.  This was extreme torture.  Either that or I’ve forgotten how painful the first one was because it’s been over eight years.  Or it could be that I was younger and tougher then.  Or perhaps Brian has spoiled me so much that I’ve turned into a cry-baby-wuss.  Either way it sucked.

The process was arduous but the end result was great.  Brian says it’s awesome.  Most people say they can’t see the original tattoo underneath the new one.  Jen and I can still kind of see it but someone who doesn’t know what the original one looks like would have a truly difficult time.  And yes, I’ve verified this.  Dan does an amazing job with cover ups.

Anyway, woke up Wednesday and didn’t feel like taking a shower.  Yes, I am a wuss.  Besides, I wasn’t feeling too good anyhow.  So I ended up missing school and work.  I was thinking this is great!  I can use the time to study for my Macro exam.

I read my chapters and then took the online quizzes.  Aced them.  At this point I was feeling pretty good.  I was like totally confident going into the exam on Thursday.  But, lo and behold, the exam was nothing like the online quizzes.  I’d be lucky to pass it.  What a nightmare!

Today’s shopping spree with Jen made me feel a little better though.  But I’m still ticked off that I could potentially drop down to a B in this class.  My goal for this semester was straight A’s.  I hope I can hang in there!

Tonight Brian and I are having dinner at my favorite place, Red Rock Canyon Grill.  I’m so excited!  I know exactly what I want: house salad with adobe (I don’t know why they call it that, but it’s super yummy) dressing and crab cakes.  Yum, yum!  Then we are going to see Love Actually.  Fun, fun!

But when all is said and done, I’ve still got that crappy exam grade to look forward to next week.  Hopefully I’ll get lucky.  Cross your fingers.  

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Connecting with Batchmates

Posted on November 11, 2003 by under Life, School.    

Yes, Pia.  I’m a nerd!  But, hey!  I’m still blogging!  Ha!  So there!

Kidding aside, I was perusing her website in between classes a few weeks ago.  But since she hadn’t blogged in forever, there was nothing for me to read so I started browsing the photo albums.  She has so many that you really can’t go through them in one sitting.  It’s my fault.  She’ll tell you that too.  I got her hooked on the whole vanity site, photo galleries galore thing.  Yikes!  I’ve created a monster!  But I digress, what I’m getting at is that I came across this one particular photo album with old pictures of us from grade school.  Talk about nostalgia!

The most amazing part is that, just the other day, I got an invitation to join SFACS BATCH ’94 on Yahoo! Groups.  That was perfect timing.  Mhyke put the whole thing together.  He did a great job too!  I mean, he had people on there that I hadn’t seen or heard from in years!  Then I run into Elmer Dimayuga on Friendster so I tell him about the group on Yahoo!  I’m hoping that the rest of our batchmates catch wind of it!  It’ll be so cool to get together again, even if only on the web.

So let this blog posting be a public service announcement for our missing batchmates.  If you or anyone you know belongs to this group, you know where to send them.


I found something to make joining a little easier!  Yay!  So sali na kayo!

Subscribe to SFACS BATCH ’94

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Good Grades

Posted on November 9, 2003 by under School.    

Speaking of complacent, wouldn’t you be too if you had these grades?

I have a couple of professors that don’t post grades on Blackboard. I think everyone should use it. It was around when I was going to school several years ago but hardly anyone used it then. Now there are more teachers using it but I think that the rest of them should follow suit.

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Not Doing Homework

Posted on November 9, 2003 by under Movies, School.    

Someone should really be doing homework right now.  I think because I know I’ve got As in all of my classes I’ve become complacent.  I should really keep up the effort because if my grades could still slip.  The end of the semester is not quite upon us after all.

By the way, The Matrix: Revolution was okay.  We went to see it with Ashley and Andy last night.  Erin and Jason were there too.  I wish that I would’ve asked them but I asked Ashley and she said no one else wanted to go.  Incidentally, Jason proposed to Erin last weekend.  That was really exciting!

I was kind of disappointed with the movie.  I don’t know what I was expecting and why I wasn’t expecting peace but I didn’t like that it ended in a truce.  I wish that the humans would’ve won or even if the machines won the war and decimated that humans that would be fine too.  That’s how it ended the previous times because, remember, there have been other “ones” before Neo.  I don’t like this peace thing.

The effects were really good though.  The robots were good.  I liked the rain-drop-face-punch, that was good.  The ending was anti-climactic but overall, I guess the movie was pretty good.

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