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CX FAIL – KC Marriott Downtown

Posted on April 23, 2017 by under Funny Musings, Travel.    


The Kansas City Marriott Downtown where I’ve been consistently staying since September has failed me so many times and on so many levels that this last one didn’t even surprise me. The customer service breakdowns have ranged from minor things like not getting my housekeeping opt out points, not getting my 20% off certificate for Metropolitan KC, being scolded for asking for the free little bottles of water (which apparently only Gold and Platinum members are entitled to and I was only a Silver member at the time; everyone else, myself included, had to pay for the $4 Aquafina if we wanted water in our room), a closet door that was off track and was stuck (and I had to call three times to get someone to come up and fix it), waiting over 30 minutes for the valet to pull my car around (I think this was during one of the KC Chiefs games and they were overwhelmed) to more major issues like a grouchy valet who always acted snooty to me, a toilet that wouldn’t stop running and was so loud that Brian could hear it on the phone when we talked, a toilet that wouldn’t flush, housekeeping coming to clean my room even though I have told them numerous times to opt me out and it’s in the computer system and I’ve hung the opt out hangtag on the door, a french fry in my refrigerator and crumbs all over the furniture and carpet (this was the Monday after the Big 12 Tournament weekend so they were probably overwhelmed, but still) and a sticky desk with visible cup rings and an Iowa State sticker still on the bathroom counter (I’m baffled that the cleaner didn’t peel this off and throw it away; they must have been an Iowa State fan also – LOL)… So they are either overzealous about wanting to clean rooms or give you rooms that haven’t been cleaned at all. Anyway, I’m sure I’ve missed a few things because the list goes on an on. I’m not even joking. There’s a story that goes with each of these but we would be here forever if I told you all of them. Right now I want to tell you about the cupcake story.


On April 11, I saw this card on my floor when I returned to my room after work. I had just recently gotten upgraded to Gold status (I didn’t even know until they told me I was now a Gold member when I checked in for my stay that week – it was THAT recent) that I didn’t think anything of it. I just assumed this must be how they welcome new Gold members to higher tier benefits or something.

So I called the number as instructed and I’m pretty sure they know it’s me because they always say my last name. Anyway, the rep on the other line asked if I wanted my gift delivered now. I was like, “Sure.” Why not? Right?

Moments later a guy come up and gives me a box along with an envelope. I’m still not thinking anything is amiss. I don’t even bother checking the outside of the envelope. I just tear it open. Gifts are exciting. There is no time to waste.


I opened the card and paused as soon as I read the salutation. This “special” gift wasn’t meant for me. I went back to check the envelope. Sure enough, it had “Ms. Gutierrez” written on the outside (which I probably should have read first before opening – LOL).

So I called the number again. The same rep answered. I told her what happened. She’s like, “I will look into this and call you back.”

It didn’t take long for her to call back and inform me that they are sending someone back up to retrieve said gift and, within moments, the same guy came up and I gave him the cupcake and the card.

I was actually surprised that they sent someone up to get it. I mean, it’s a cupcake. Surely they have dozens of other cupcakes just like it. I didn’t really want someone else’s cupcake but I half expected them to just go, “Don’t worry about it. You keep this one and we will give her another.” It must haven’t been a very rare limited edition cupcake meant only for very special guests.

I was also really impressed at how quickly they responded. Usually when I have issues with my room I’ll go to dinner and come back and it’s still not resolved. It takes multiple phone calls sometimes.

Anyway, in my mind I’m still thinking there’s a cupcake out there meant for me. I wondered if Ms. Gutierrez got my cupcake by mistake and she ate it and when I got her cupcake I called and they took it from me. May I shouldn’t have called and I should have just eaten the stupid cupcake?

The universe was really looking out for me that day. The universe was like, “You need to lose weight. You don’t need to eat a cupcake. I’m going to botch this so that you get a cupcake that is not meant for you and you won’t eat it.”

I actually thought about calling the same number back and going, “That was really funny but, seriously, where’s my cupcake?” LOL. I didn’t.

What a huge Customer Experience (CX) blunder by the Marriott, though. I mean, I haven’t been satisfied with the service I’ve been receiving at this property and now, knowing that I’m not getting the “cupcake level service” that others are getting, I’m even less so. My stays have been so disappointing that I’d actually considered staying a different property in the future, despite the convenience of this particular hotel’s location (it’s only a 4-minute walk to work and most of it indoors).

On the flip side of it, we received news last week that has put my work in Kansas City on hold so I may not be back there for a while. I know for sure I’ll be in Wichita all week this coming week. In the meantime, if you want to hear other stories about my KC Marriott Downtown CX fails, put a comment down below and tell me which ones you want to hear about. Until next time!

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Speaking of Grilling

Posted on April 22, 2017 by under Confessions, Funny Musings.    

We got coordinating aprons for our friends who were celebrating back to back birthdays the last couple of months. They were all like, “Did Flip and Ching get a good deal on a bunch of aprons or something?” LMAO.


We got the KC Chiefs one for Cory because that’s his favorite football team.


We got the New England Pats one for Jay because that’s his favorite football team.


We got an Alice Cooper/Motley Crue “All Bad Things Must Come to an End” tour apron for Rune because he is the biggest Motley Crue fan ever.

No special sale or anything. We just happened to come across all three of these and so we got them because we like to give identical gifts to everyone. It’s kind of our thing. Everyone gets the same gifts. LOL.

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Common Sense

Posted on February 26, 2017 by under Funny Musings.    

Common sense, it’s such an over looked commodity that humans possess. Yet, it seems that not all people have it, or they have just not been put in a position that allowed them to develop the common sense needed in order to survive in this world without the need for intervention from people that have it in droves and feel the need to assist those that lack it.

For example, the seat belt laws. Here’s a brief history on seat belts for those of you that didn’t know. Back in the late 50s to early 60s, test were done to determine if seatbelts were something that would need to be required on cars and could they really save lives. In 1968, Title 49 was implemented in the federal code that required all cars manufactured to have seat belts designed into them for safety. Now we go on for years with no laws requiring you to wear a seat belt, it was just common sense at this point. The government felt it was important enough to implement a law that required manufacturers to design these devices into your cars for safety and this should have been (and probably was for the vast majority of people) the sign that you should wear this whenever you are in a car. But no, there are those out there with no common sense and they chose not to wear a seat belt.

Now we fast forward to the mid 80s. States realize that they have idiots behind the wheel of these vehicles and they need to do something to save their dumb lives because lord knows, we have to many people on this planet as it is and we can’t let Darwinism take its course and thin the herd. We need these dumb people to pay taxes and vote for stupid presidents…sorry, I got on a tangent.

Anyway, mid 80s, New York decides they have had enough and becomes the first state to implement a mandatory seatbelt law that went into effect December of 84. Shortly after many other states started passing laws that required you to wear a seat belt for your own safety. To this day however, not every state has passed a law that states you are required to wear a seat belt.

Here’s my two cents on the whole matter and the point I’m trying to make. We were given common sense for a reason. If you choose to not use it then you should be met with the consequences of those actions. Who are we to create (what I call) common sense laws? I mean, if you want to get in your car and drive down the street and not wear your seat belt, then go ahead. Common sense says you should wear the seat belt because it will save your life, but if you get into an accident and fly through the windshield threading your face and then shattering your skull as you slam into the pavement and only a slightly reduced speed that you were initially traveling, then go ahead…the world will be a better place now that your stupidity has left it.

I’ve always said, stupidity should be painful. Creating these laws that stop people from using common sense is just breeding a less than intelligent society that will rely more and more on their governments to tell them what to do. It’s just a matter of time before we have a law that tells us that we need to breathe daily, and that it’s illegal to hold your breath because it may result in your death…just saying.

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