Pinterest Try – Personalizing Pillar Candles

Saw a Pinterest on personalizing pillar candles using permanent markers, tissue paper, wax paper and a blow dryer. It seemed like a kid friendly, cost effective activity to do with Ava. I decided to personalize some candles for Mother’s Day.

The first step, I’m sure, was her favorite. I gave her cut and measured pieces of tissue paper to draw on. She went above and beyond and made a couple extra for me and her dad.

I wrapped the tissue paper around each pillar candle per Pinterest picture, covered with wax paper and heated with the blow dryer.

It didn’t take long at all. My biggest challenge was overheating and not having enough patience to let it cool before touching. I ended up with some wax on my hands.

Overall, the project was as easy as it seemed and turned out pretty well.

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