A Day in Pictures

I did a picture challenge to tell how my typical days go in picture format. This is how boring Instagram would be if picture posts actually represented your daily routines and not just the artistic fun sides. Here goes.

We’ll start with waking up way earlier than my alarm clock.

Then we rush to work, dump everything on my desk to get the work day started.

Morning yogurt, realized I ran out of plastic spoons, and didn’t want to walk to get another so I made the fork work. #itwillhavetodo

This is how my face looks by mid morning. Mumbling curse words at numbers.

And, hallelujah, lunch! I totally love the work cafeteria.

And after plowing through the rest of the work day. It’s through the tunnel to leave for the day. #followthelight

Usually I run errands before I head home.

On this day, instead of heading home I got dinner with a friend.



But still early back home and early to bed.

For Netflixing and getting ready to start another day.

Not very exciting. I was asked to do a weekend version. Thinking about it.

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