The Flex Menstrual Disc Review – Disclaimer: TMI


Saw an ad for the Flex and decided to be a guinea pig.

My trial samples arrived and I waited for “the right time” to try it out. I opened the package and read the instructions and it was a bit intimidating. (Visit the website linked above to view instructions.) My main concern was not being able to “fish” it back out.

A little background. I am fairly regular, light flow, and usually my cycle only lasts 3 to 4 days. Therefore, I usually opt for using just panty liners during my days.


First day. I was very careful to follow instructions and even felt around to make sure I was per diagram. The disc itself was practically the size of my palm so it was a bit daunting. I still used a panty liner because I wanted to be safe. My morning was scheduled for moving, and I thought, great, active wear trial. LOL!

First, I felt pressure like I needed to pee all the time. I went to the restroom, saw some leakage on the panty liner and chalked it up to what I just mentioned, leakage. I finished packing stuff from my apartment and loaded my car, did a meeting, and then got to my new place and started unpacking. By the time I was unpacking it started feeling uncomfortable. 6 hours in, and supposedly this was to last 12 hours. I went to the restroom to see if I needed to readjust and it was a total mess. I decided to “pull out” and abandon ship and try again the next day. I thought perhaps I had inserted incorrectly and would try again but to give “myself” a bit of rest.

Second day, I decided to try again and I looked through the instructions one more time to make sure the day prior was not user error. Still used a panty liner. This time I was mostly sitting at work, and the discomfort was gone, except when I started walking. When I checked I did have leakage, but not as much. After work I got home and continued unpacking and the discomfort came back. Somehow I feel the disc shifts with too much activity. I definitely did not last the 12 hours that it stated in the packaging.

I was only given two to try, but I think I will stick to the panty liners for now. Like I said, I’ve always had light flow, and the discomfort completely put me off on it.

From my opinion, Flex itself is a fail. Perhaps, sometime I’ll try a different brand of menstrual disc, but I might give myself a little rest period first. (No pun intended.)

2 Comments on The Flex Menstrual Disc Review – Disclaimer: TMI

  1. Jennifer Cannady
    November 11, 2016 at (2 years ago)

    Soooo you not only have very little body hair, perfect skin… you have the period equivalent of a cat. I love you less now. ? Try the Diva Cup and tell me how that goes!!!!

    By the way are we doing dinner again this year for your birthday???

  2. Jenni
    November 11, 2016 at (2 years ago)

    The Diva people didn’t send me a sample, but I’ll look it up. Not sure about dinner. Might mix it in with Thanksgiving instead.

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