Ghostbusters – The 2016 Movie


*Save your money.

Melissa McCarthy is always Melissa McCarthy and the her sense of comedy has gotten old and the humor was lacking, even with Kristen Wiig at her side, who I usually expect to be very hilarious. Kate McKinnon’s character was probably the one that lucked out with the best lines, I mean best if you had to choose from all the bad ones. She had like one good scene, and then it was over and I was watching the time again. Leslie Jones’ character also had potential. She was your know it all New Yorker, knowing all the ins and outs and history of every corner of the city. I thought they could have really used that to make the plot just a bit more interesting. Seriously, even Chris Hemsworth couldn’t salvage the movie for me. I cringed for him. There’s even a dance scene with him after the end credits, but I was already so disgusted I opted to walk out of it.

I don’t think I’ve felt this strongly about not liking a movie in a very long time.

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