Furnishing an Apartment on a Budget

I’ve resided in the same apartment going on 2 years now. I rarely ever have visitors so I was not in an immediate hurry to furnish it. My first priority was a bed to sleep in, which I already owned.

I started with chairs from Mom’s old office which made my living room look more like a waiting room, (I wish I had pictures.) But when I first moved in I was working 50 to 60 hour weeks and was barely home, so still, the bed was my only necessity. As work settled, and I got into Pinterest more, I decided to tackle a DIY pallet furniture. Luckily, I had a friend that was willing to help. I posted the chairs I got from Mom on a Facebook group page for selling furniture and got about $70 for all of them. That helped go towards the project. My friend’s initial design was this:


I told him to lose the back support, and after I got the measurements for my apartment he brought the pallets over to the vacant lot at Mom and Dad’s for me to work on.

First thing about pallet work, you have to power wash them and get rid of any possible insects, wait for the to dry and sand them down to prevent possible splinters.


I got cheap paint, roller, brush and cloth drop from WalMart and got to work.


Granted I got lazy and cut corners with the painting, but I figured it wouldn’t really show once the everything was put together. I think the hardest part was loading 4 pallets into the back of my CRV and hauling them up the stairs to my apartment by myself. I was so proud and exhausted.

And my apartment looked like this for a while.


I did a lot of research on foam. I wanted something comfortable enough to sleep in. I chose to have the pallets 4ft deep so it would be comfortable to lay on. After a lot of asking around, and shopping around, I found an online store that would cut to spec any foam they had in stock. Basically, the foam was made of the same material they use in baby cribs. (I have napped on my sectional many a times now, it really is similar to sleeping like a baby.)


Now, prior to the pallet project I had already bought new bedding for myself. The older bedding was stored and using space in my laundry room. I freed up that space by deciding to use the sheets as cover for my foam mattress, I used binder clips underneath to keep them snug instead of sewing them. This makes it easier for me to wash the sheets when I need to. I used the pillows, and comforter as backing. Losing the back support from the original design also made the electric outlet on the wall easily accessible.

The finished product:


BTW, in that same Facebook group page I sold the chairs to I found a dresser drawer with mirror posted for $20. This time my friend helped me pick it up and bring it up to my apartment. I took off the mirror, and the hardware, sanded it a bit, and used left over paint from the pallet project.



I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

The tally:
Pallets – Free
Drop cloth – $5
Paint – $8
Roller/brush set – $7
Custom Foam – $120
Dresser – $20

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