DIY Matching Office Supplies


Everyone has seen this nice catalog picture above, and if you are as in love with office supplies as I am, you think “I want those” and If you have my kind of budget, you think “but I can’t.” So, I decided to do this instead.


$3 Adhesive Drawer Liner from Target. You can pick other designs, but I heart pink and it’s my supplies so you start dealing with it. Why, drawer liners? Because you can peel them off anytime: if you make a mistake, you change your mind, or change your theme. Duh!


First, how about an empty tin can. Washed, and make sure to check the edges for anything sharp you might run into in the near future.


Voila, pen/pencil cup. So cute!


My work binder had a clear insert in the front so I went lazy and just cut to size and inserted. Why? Because I can. It’s my stuff. You do what you want.


My journal got the cover too. I am all the way matching.


And so did my lappy toppy! I swear, this is like when I discovered Mod Podge. (I do not recommend using Mod Podge on your laptop. But since it’s your stuff you can do what you want.)

After all is said and done, I still have much of the drawer liner roll left over. I got a photo album from Goodwill yesterday that I will also be turning pink and white, to use for my Jamberry sets, and I think I’m going to seek out a business card holder and also make it match. I’m going pink and white crazy up in here!

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