Cow and Sow Deli


I adore Cow and Sow. When I used to hang out at Barleycorn’s to watch Jeopardy, I would always grab a Rueben from them and eat it at the bar. Aside from my go to sandwich the owners were always so generous with letting you try the new soup, or new side they were working on. I heart samples!



I saw this in the display while ordering our food the past weekend. It was so cute, still unsure if it was supposed to be edible.




Our meals from this past weekend, when Becky (my best friend from Memphis came to visit.) I was so happy I could take them to local eateries like Cow and Sow. We actually sat in their sitting area adjacent from deli.

If you do go, also, take the time to walk around. They have products from local artisans – jewelries, soaps, lip balms and such. It’s like a mini indoor farm and art market.


Find the menu and location here:

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  1. Tracey Coln - owner
    October 23, 2015 at (3 years ago)

    I was seeing if my new article came out yet this morning, so I googled my deli and found this! Thank you so much for posting something about my little deli. It was great having you back and I am sad and excited to tell you that I am putting my deli up for sale – praying for a wonderful person to continue serving great people such as you and giving them a special place to look forward to bringing their friends and family to! I am struggling to leave my customers though as they bring such JOY to me daily. Each time I read posts such as yours, I am humbled! The exciting part is that I am getting to follow my longtime dream of music and continue my passion for photography. In order to do that, I will be closing the deli and starting to serve late meals Friday’s and Saturdays, from 10 pm-3 am until I find a buyer. I will also focus on catering to help pay the rent until May – end of contract. Thanks you again for your sweet post and I would love to have you check out my band and follow its Facebook page as we evolve – “Contrails of Oz”. I will be focusing on my photography and renting the little venue still on the dining side –! Blessings to you and your readers! Tracey

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