Barefoot – Movie

Scott Speedman and Evan Rachel Wood make an adorable romantic comedy. I’m not sure how this one flew by my radar. It was released last year.


Scott Speedman’s character, Jay Wheeler, is basically the outcast of his wealthy family. Aimless, on parole, and hunted for gambling debts. He decides to reach out to his family for help but in guise of having turned his life around. So he decides to bring a “serious girlfriend” home. Evan Rachel Wood, Daisy Kensington, is a psych patient. She ends up getting mixed up in the charade and pretends to be a nurse, but of course, it wouldn’t be a romantic comedy, if things just went as planned.

They are both just adorable, and taking away the parole, gambling, psych ward scenarios, they could be any couple. Really.

This one is very feel good movie, if you ever need one.

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