Buzztime Trivia



Buzztime Trivia has been around for as long as I can remember, but I never really had any interest because I didn’t have any serious contenders. Recently though, a couple of friends invited me to join them for Wednesday Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings North. (Two birds in one, the grilled chicken salad with buffalo wing sauce is great dinner.) I’m been coming up every week for about a month now.

I know I get overly competitive, but this is basically face to face “Trivia Crack”. They have a ton of participating locations and your scores get ranked based off the other scores in the same location, and then against the nation.



Once you sit down at one of the locations, you can ask for a touch screen portable console, or you can also download the app and run it through your phone. I suggest the console though if there is enough for the place because who wants to run out of cell phone battery in the middle of the night.

Pictures to follow show question examples, like I said it’s fairly similar to Trivia Crack so there are multiple subjects they go through. Also, your scores get ranked against the people in the location you’re at and the nation. Like I said, I get overly competitive, so I do end up yelling and smack talking. I also got some jeers for only taking screenshots of the games I do win. This happens rarely since I ended up with some very Trivia savvy folks.



Feel free to join us sometime.

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