Mike’s Wine Dive – Sunday Brunch

Mike’s Wine Dive has been open for many moons now, and it’s always been a good lunching venue for me. I love bringing my friends there for the first time and seeing them in awe of the food.

I started following Mike’s on Twitter (@winediveks) and woke up early enough to learn about brunch at 11am and saw a very tempting picture of the Cajun Eggs Benedict. Luckily, I had the time and the company.




Let’s start with drinks, since the servers usually do. Mimosa came with option of grapefruit, pineapple or orange. I’ve had orange plenty, so I decided to try pineapple. My friend had the Bloody Mary (which had the choice of vodka or gin,) and that they had arranged a Bloody Mary Bar for. The Bloody Mary Bar just made me more hungry so I sat down and let her finish completing her concoction.


The Cajun Eggs Benedict supposedly served with “deep south Cajun hollandaise” were actually not as Cajun as I had anticipated. In fact, it lacked flavor entirely, the fried oysters it came with also lacking and even the “olive oil rosemary” potatoes. I drenched my meal with tabasco and finished it.

Mid-course, I ordered another Mimosa, this time with orange juice, since the pineapple was not as appealing to me. The server condescendingly remarked without provocation “now you know” and I was glad I was holding a drink before I slapped her. What about “I’ll have it with orange juice this time” necessitated any response from her? Maybe I was just irate over the fact that my brunch had not met my expectations, but really, know your place.


Of course, I will admit, it was a matter of poor choice. Mike’s, as I’ve mentioned, has been open for moons, and always has great food. My friend ordered a fattoush salad with salmon, and I was grateful she shared. It sure made up for my bitterness over the not so Cajun Cajun.

This was my first brunch. I’ll chalk it up to trial and error. I’ll definitely have to try again, and see if the rest of the menu adds up.

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