Trivia Crack


Trivia Crack App…It really is! I posted Sunday that I would be playing Trivia Crack all day, and OMG that people that jumped in to play. From the Rank list based off my “Friends” everyone and their mother has been playing. Late joining the game, I was determined to climb the leader board. My top competition, my sister. She must have played the whole time she was home sick. I started at being number 80 or something. By yesterday I was in the top 10. It’s based off how many answers you get right, so basically the more people you play, the higher your odds are. (I like Math.) It’s pretty easy to play free. I still haven’t gotten the hang of using all those free spins and other cheats, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

Categories are Art, History, Geography, Science, Sport and Entertainment. You would think Sport would be my worst subject, instead it’s Art. And this game is not nice about telling you how much you fail either. “This is your worse subject, 52% accuracy.” “Shut your mouth!”

Also, my friend Gorden has been playing against me, the mental anguish of seeing him hit every subject while I’m still spinning is beyond frustrating. I hate him right now.

But as most games go, I’m sure I will tire of this too. Once I either hit the top, or people stop playing against me. How long until that happens is the real question.

Crack kills!

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