Sony Xperia Z1S aka Queen Anne


For the longest I had suffered with my old phone. It was nearly dying, battery barely held a charge, but I couldn’t find a good phone to upgrade to. By good, I mean, there were no phones out there with a feature that I didn’t already have either with my current phone or with my other gadgets.


Then came Sony and the waterproof phone. Now, there is water resistant and then there’s waterproof. Big difference. I was very skeptical. Now, why do I need a waterproof phone? I don’t plan on constantly submerging my phone underwater, but it would be cool to have one or two underwater videos, yeah? Also, this would make taking pictures at the pool, or during a float trip easier. No more worrying about getting your camera/phone splashed with water, or accidentally dropping it. So I took the bait and I upgraded.

For the techies, here are the specs:

Weight 162 grams (5.71 ounces)
Dimensions 145.7×73.9×8.55mm (5.74×2.91×0.34in)
Primary camera 20.7 megapixel; Secondary camera 2 megapixel
Display 5.0inch full HD 1920×1080 pixels
Battery Talk time up to 15 hours; Standby time up to 600 hours; Music listening time up to 40 hours; Video playback time up to 6.75 hours

*Covers must be shut. Only in fresh water up to 1.5m for 30 min.

The battery is non-removable, which to some people is a no go, but to me, not so much. So far, in the past 4 months, I’ve never had the phone die on me, and I run my apps constantly. My phone is my email, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, Banking, etc. I’ve actually had to try to drain the battery myself because I always like completely killing it and giving it a full charge at least every other week. (That’s just me though.)

So, for the personal review. I heart it. The display is crisp, the OS is fast. The camera, not so much. Shutter speed is meh. And the front facing camera leaves a lot to be desired. Thank goodness I’m not a selfie pro. That and my real camera, Luigi, has a front display so I already owned that feature anyway.

Best fave. I actually submerged it in a sink and took a video the whole time. Now, I don’t recommend anyone else doing this, unless you’re prepared for a mishap and an expensive replacement, but I tested it because that was the feature that sold it to me. That was two weeks ago, and my phone is still tip top. Prior to that though, I had already rinsed my phone off a couple of times. Also, a handy feature. The shatter proof glass is easily smudged, and it was nice being able to just run it under water and wipe it off. I did break down and finally placed a face protector on it though, because the smudging was messing up my game (Dots).

Even with a huge display the phone was still slim enough to fit in my back pocket without being bulky. The phone speaker also amplifies well enough that I can easily play music in one room and walk around the apartment. I wouldn’t use it as a music player for a party though, duh.

All in all, I love my phone. And Tmobile added a Hotspot feature so I can use my phone to connect my laptop or TV and not hassle with signing up with an Internet provider.

Now, just waiting for Lollipop to see if this gets even better.

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