2013 Was Not As Tedious As I Thought It’d Be

I went to buy a new addition to my technological family – Luigi.



Samsung DV300F.Dual LCD. WiFi Connection, which means instant upload to YouTube, Facebook, Email, etc. Also, built in editing, and the best feauture I’ve found useful so far – getting stills from videos captured.


I also went ahead and got a tripod, all meant to assist with blogs and video blogs to be more specific.



Yes, there was 4 feet of snow on the ground, but Goldie is a champ and I am impatient. I got my toy and broke my car.

Here’s a vid of the drive to the shop:

Basically, I broke my drive shaft after getting stuck and trying to rough my way out of it. But Goldie’s back in fighting shape and has recovered well.

Meanwhile I kept getting craftier with Mod Podge:

Making My Mardi Gras Mask February 5, 2013

Step 1: Buy supplies. Mask. Mod Podge. Glitter. Tape. Scissors. Granted some of these you might already have at home. The mask and the glitter, definitely did not have. Now, lay out some paper, because glitter makes a big mess.

Step 2: I taped on the eye holes, and the outer margins, only because I wanted those to be different color. Do yours however you feel like.

Step 3: Slather the Mod Podge. It serves as glue in this step.

Step 4: Pour the glitter. There will be a lot of excess, unless you are a glitter professional, which I am not. But I was able to save whatever landed on the paper and put them back in the glitter bottle. Waste not, want not.

Step 5: I started with taking the tape off the outer margins. Outer margins seemed an easier choice.

Step 6: Mod Podge the edge, (trying not to hit the parts that are already glittered to prevent from mixing colors) and pour the blue glitter on. To be honest though, I chose the mixed color glitter in the middle because it would be more forgiving for any mistakes I might make.

Step 7: Peel off the tape from the eye holes which became difficult because I had to dig through the glitter.

Step 8: You guessed it, Mod Podge and pour more glitter.

Step 9: Shake off any excess glitter. Notice you look like you just stepped out of a strip club and Mod Podge the whole entire thing. This time, the Mod Podge asks as a laminate.

Step 10: The crucial part. You have to do work on a spreadsheet. Finish that. Play on Facebook a couple times. Prepare your bag for work. The whole time, you must resist the urge to touch the mask. It’s drying stupid! I don’t know how much time actually passed, but it should end up looking like this.

Good. Now I have my mask done. I have excess supplies for my coworkers, and they will need to decorate their own, because DAMN.

I posted another untitled poem:

You might think me unstable
You might think me weak willed
But when it comes to surviving
I’m unmatched in my skills
You can consider me lost
Or that I’ve lost my way
But based on my current status
I’ve still got loads to say
You might suspect any day now
And you’ll finally witness me fall
And tomorrow, eye to eye, I’ll tell you
You never knew me, not at all.

And a titled poem:

I Had A Bad Dream Again

There’s no appropriate saying
Not even one word that would belong
A thousand different perspectives
And each one of the wrong
I can’t describe what’s inside me
I’m not even sure it’s there
It’s just that I feel it everyday
I feel it everywhere
It’s an overwhelming something
Maybe even nothing at all
This hope that somenone will catch me
This fear that it’s more than just a fall

I discovered the Assistance League of Wichita:

Ching, Nicole and I made a video haul –

2431 E Douglas
Wichita, KS 67211
(316) 687-6107
Hours: Tue-Fri 10-6 and Sat 10-4

Philantropic Programs:

  • Operation School Bell – provides new clothing to USD 259 school children pre-K through 8th grade, as determined by social workers.
  • ALW Scholarship – provides full tuition for technical courses at Wichita Area Techinical College or Butler Community College to qualifying USD 259 high school seniors.
  • Sexual Assualy Victim Support – provides new seasonal clothing to adult sexual assualt victims. Clothes are distributed to area hospitals by the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center.
  • Bear Hugs – provides teddy bears to sexually abused children upon entry to the SANE/SART program at Via Christi, St Joseph Campus.

Also, another organization I’ve always supported BBBS, I got Linda Griffin to give us info on what I’ve been bowling for all these years, (besides the pizza and beer.)

Another craft:

Reviving A New Cell Phone Case May 5, 2013

There are no actual phone case for me that are up to my specs, which is, there are not actual gold cases. I’ve went to every kiosk in the malls where each case is $10, and even with that amount I wouldn’t settle for their cheesy cases. I’ve ordered a couple through Ebay and the closest I got was a gold and black animal print.

2013-05-04 18.02.01
After a couple months the wear and tear started showing through and there was no good to me anymore. At one point I used an old plain black old case and painted it gold with nail polish. The nail polish didn’t last and started peeling off after a while. And after a couple drops also didn’t help the case, because now it no longer snapped shut close at certain points.

2013-05-05 10.33.25
I decided to revive a new case using the animal print case (I rarely throw anything away), and this time used spray cans. At $3.77 a can it still cheaper than buying a new case.

2013-05-04 18.04.06

Here is the final result:

2013-05-05 10.33.17

I added a quote from Pope St. Francis as a little motivation to remind me as inspiration. This way I used mod podge to add the quote. It says “Swin against the tide; it’s good for the heart.”

Got addicted and created another phone case:

The New Phone Case June 1, 2013

2013-06-01 18.52.02

I had been waiting for FOREVER to decorate this case. I have had so much stuff going on that it was kept in the back burner, even though I already had most of what I needed to decorate. I ordered the clear case two weeks ago and I had so many shipping problems with the seller I almost just ordered another one and asked for a refund. Thank goodness it finally arrived. Obviously, by now, you can tell I’m obsessed with cell phone cases. I usually change them every two months. So, yay, for a new one! Here’s the instructional video in case you want to decorate one for yourself or a friend.

The actually making of the case was about a 3 hour process. In between steps I updated an agenda book that I bought. I finally broke down and got one because of the fact that my obligations, social and otherwise are really piling up. Of course, you can’t always rely that plans won’t change so I’ve only filled it out until August so far. That’s the beginning of Fall semester so that will be when things will get very hectic.

Looking forward to keeping this blog updated though so more to come.

And I joined the Young Professionals of Wichita Political Awareness Team:

I got to sit with Tim Norton County Commissioner over lunch, James Clendenin City Council District 3, and Senator Michael O’donnell. I have videos I could post but knowing politics, what they spoke of then has probably been editted if not completely forgotten. If you’re the curius type though, they are all in my YouTube channel.

One thing I learned being in YPW. Networking as a “young professional” is fairly similar to finding a table to sit at in the high school cafeteria. And trying to get a break on a story about anything about your city, takes 3 promises, 4 forwarded emails, and a dead end, and you can’t get frustrated, you just gotta keep coming.

My entire family enjoyed the Cotillion.













And I celebrated my birthday at my favorite dive, watching Jeopardy and playing Scrabble with my sister, brother-in-law, and a few close friends.


And some more books listed of my must read list:



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