2009 – Medicated and Yet Not Quite Stable.

2009 was pretty level. I had been diagnosed late 2008 with bipolar manic depressive disorder and I had been on steady medication. I was still adjusting to the side effect of constantly being sleepy, and created a 3 RedBull a day habit, and that’s after my morning coffee. My coworkers have a collection of pictures of me asleep in my cube. All in good fun. This was also the year of my first visit to Fort Worth, never knowing I’d eventually end up living here. Other things that happened:

I had created a must-have list for my dream guy:

  • Must have full time job.
  • Must have extensive vocabulary.
  • Atleast 5’11” 🙂
  • Good fashion sense.
  • Must like going to see live bands, but must not be in band.
  • Must like doing field trip-ish activities.

Also a list of things to do to avoid other peoples drama:

1. Pretend you can’t speak English.
2. Yell, “You go girl!” to everything they say.
3. Grab a Snickers.

Amazon decided to pick up my poetry book for a minute:


I made “badass” friends:

I barely worked:

But near the end of the year:

“Me – I get up at by 6am every morning, 6:30am at the latest. I work from 7am – 4pm Monday to Friday. I get home, eat dinner, get on facebook, watch TV and then go to bed. On Friday nights and Saturdays I try to spend time with my friends and relax. Sundays are for laundry and relaxing. Then it starts all over again.

Work – Pretty routine. Mondays are always hectic. I have set my own stats to meet on Mondays. If I don’t meet those stats I am behind for the rest of the week. Which I don’t like. If I meet my stats on Monday, I am coasting for the rest of the week. Coasting means I have more time to help my coworkers meet their stats, which ultimately helps me in the long run.

Social – Almost non-existent. I go out probably once every other week now. I go out, as in, to the bars. I eat out almost every day – I can’t cook.

That’s pretty much it. Life is starting to settle down. Whew!”

I guess 2009, a little bit of growned-up-ness popped up:


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