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The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies by Susan Wittig Albert

PART_1455977767544_mms_img91259328*via Tour De Wichita of The Wichita Public Library – Gardening/Nature Genre for The Botanica

Going to be very honest, this book was a lot harder to get through than I imagined. I picked it from the recommended reading because it was catalogued as a “Mystery” novel. The biggest mystery was how one small town set in (I think) the 20’s can find cause for so much gossip.

The setting and the characters reminded me of the TV Show the Hart of Dixie, although because of the decade it was set in the rules of being a Southern Belle was much much stricter.

I do have to hand it to the author though, I had to look up when the book was published (2011) because the characters and mannerisms of, was just so believable. The only reason it was a hard read for myself was because I am not so used to reading pages upon pages of small town gossip.

There is an upside to having read this book, however. The author did so much research that at the end of the book it includes The Darling Dahlias Housecleaning Tips and Recipes, which I did take notes of.

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