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The Call of the Wild by Jack London

*via Tour De Wichita of The Wichita Public Library – Animals Genre for the Sedgwick County Zoo Site

Old longings nomadic leap,
Chafin at custom’s chain;
Again from its brumal sleep
Waken the ferine strain.

Starting the reading challenge I thought to pick up an “easy read” and being a classic I have never read before, it served as two birds, one stone.

I thought of it more of a children’s book but as you get deeper into the storyline, and as Buck (the protagonist) finds himself becoming more savage, you realize it is not a book for the very weak of heart. The book follows Buck from being stolen from his domestic life in California and sold from one master to another all the way to the cold Yukon, where “insticts long dead became alive again.” It was to be a story of survival when out of nowhere the story becomes a story of Love and Loyalty. The two not-so-secret but often forgotten ingredient to a great character…in man or beast.

The story seems simplified at first, but the reader gets swept into the narrative soon enough and cannot help but start to empathize with Buck with every turn in the story.

Link: Wichita Public Library Tour de Wichita
Link: Sedwick County Zoo – also look up Winter Wednesdays where admission is only $2.50 per person through February.

“Tour De Wichita” by the Wichita Public Library

Since I always challenge myself to read at least one book a month, when I saw Wichita Library’s Twitter post about a “Literary Journey Through Wichita” back in December I automatically took note.


There are fifteen genres inspired by Wichita sites. One book from each genre, five different books for each tour and three tours. A total of fifteen books to read from January 4th to March 18th.


I left work today and immediately visited the Rockwell Library Location. I had to get a Wichita Public Library card. I’m so glad they don’t discriminate based on city of residence or anyone from Derby. 🙂

So I’m ready and set for the challenge, and I’ve asked my sister to join in as well. I will try to update everyone on my progress. Wish me luck.

For anyone wanting to join as well, link for Wichita Public Libary below, as well as the link to their Twitter account in case you want to start following them to keep updated on other fun events.

Wichita Public Library Website: http://Www.WichitaLibrary.Org
Follow Wichita Public Library on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wichitalibrary

Younger – TV Show

Younger Season 1 was release March 31, 2015. I fell below my radar, until recently when I saw a trailer for Season 2. I immediately searched an consumed, without much effort, 12 episodes.

Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) is a 40-year-old divorced mother of a college aged child pretending to be 26 years old to land a job in publishing. The amount of awkward is just enough to forget that the story can never be believable. (Who hires someone without an appropriate ID that shows date of birth?) Liza is able to snag a job and a younger boyfriend without ever having to reveal her true age.

Hilary Duff plays Kelsey Peters, Liza’s new friend and colleague. Somehow I think her acting might have gotten a bit better since she got older, or maybe I’m just blinded by my new love of the series. Nico Tortorella as Josh, Liza’s much younger boyfriend, is cute enough to make you consider the possibility of dating someone 14 years younger, until either bad writing or bad acting (who’s to blame) makes him seem like a stereotypical former frat boy. (Not all 26 year old males smoke weed and play video games all night, you know? Maybe a majority, but not ALL.)

It was an easy series to get through. I wouldn’t call it riveting. It definitely kept my interest as I simultaneously watched and cooked or washed dishes. It had enough sarcastic jabs at millenials to make it funny without being bitter. I am officially ready and waiting for Season 2.

ALERT: Do not watch the Season 2 Trailer if you do not want to spoil Season 1 for youself.