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Blue Over You


Ever feel like a change? I big change! A social experiment sort of change. I went blue. Lots of thanks to my friend Rachael for helping with this. Usually, I get the “are you sure?” “but your hair is so pretty?” Well, it’s my hair, and it grows back. I said, blue, she said, ok. I told her, “Look, I’m about to make a mistake, let’s make it a big one.” And I think the wine also helped in persuading her.


So, I got a box of Splat Envy and she started bleaching. Yes, we are having way too much fun. I believe some Snapchats and Periscope feeds were involved.


I do not look as good blond.


She went in with the blue and I found out much later there is a reason that people wear gloves.


Right after I tried to rub in more blue all around my head myself. I blame the wine.


After washing, immediately happy with the results.


The next day on the way to work, feeling good! Hahahaha! Yes, it was a drastic change and I still get smurf jokes and such, but I love it. Enjoying every minute, (except my early grocery shopping event this morning when random stops to say “you must be cold, your hair turned blue” I just smiled and kept walking. I’ll murder you with your own shopping cart, Creepy! JK. No murders occurred.

There’s a bigger change in the horizon. Wait for it… Yes, Rachael is coming back, this time I know we need more than one bottle of wine. Learn by experience.

DIY Matching Office Supplies


Everyone has seen this nice catalog picture above, and if you are as in love with office supplies as I am, you think “I want those” and If you have my kind of budget, you think “but I can’t.” So, I decided to do this instead.


$3 Adhesive Drawer Liner from Target. You can pick other designs, but I heart pink and it’s my supplies so you start dealing with it. Why, drawer liners? Because you can peel them off anytime: if you make a mistake, you change your mind, or change your theme. Duh!


First, how about an empty tin can. Washed, and make sure to check the edges for anything sharp you might run into in the near future.


Voila, pen/pencil cup. So cute!


My work binder had a clear insert in the front so I went lazy and just cut to size and inserted. Why? Because I can. It’s my stuff. You do what you want.


My journal got the cover too. I am all the way matching.


And so did my lappy toppy! I swear, this is like when I discovered Mod Podge. (I do not recommend using Mod Podge on your laptop. But since it’s your stuff you can do what you want.)

After all is said and done, I still have much of the drawer liner roll left over. I got a photo album from Goodwill yesterday that I will also be turning pink and white, to use for my Jamberry sets, and I think I’m going to seek out a business card holder and also make it match. I’m going pink and white crazy up in here!

Exploration Place

So sad to confess, but I had never been to Exploration Place before. I was glad I had an excuse to go. It was so much fun!



The above photos were during the lesson on sound effects. I think I really got more into it than the kids. I’m thinking of making a home movie just to try it out.




There was a Medieval area. Lots of photo ops.


This one, I wish was a better photo. It was an exhibit of fear, and how it spreads, socially. Very educational. I actually, read and watched more than took pictures.


My favorite is this survival simulation. You walk in, and your shadow enters the screen. The tiger/phanter/something minds its own business. When it looks your way, you’re supposed to freeze, and if it doesn’t notice you it carries on, and you’re supposed to continue this way until you can pass the course. I made the mistake of inviting Michelle. She decided to jump up right as the cat was about to turn back around. Yeah, we died. She sucks. I’m going back without her.





Mini town. I love mini towns, just because of the work involved in them, and because they’re cute.





And the rest is just more fun photo ops, because this was the most fun. Most definitely requiring a visit again soon.

Doodah Diner


I was at a complete loss thinking of “Wichita” places to eat while my best friend was visiting and then I remembered Doodah. It was packed that day. I guess the secret is out, or has been out. It was a 45 minute wait, but very worth it.




The pictures of the food alone, are making me crave them again, now, as in immediately. And if you ever get the chance to sit closer to the kitchen, listen to the orders being called. Some raspy “ol’ time diner movie character voice” calls them out and I thought it was for show. I asked, he’s one of the owners.


And this mug, put it on my wish list.


Always a fun time. Been to Tanganyika, not sure how many times. I didn’t take as many pictures this time around. My best friend surely did, and they enjoyed feeding the tortoise, petting the kangaroos and the bearded dragon lizard. Me, I just like the giraffes.










Okay, and I snuck a Corona in while sitting in the refreshments area. Can’t sue me.

Cow and Sow Deli


I adore Cow and Sow. When I used to hang out at Barleycorn’s to watch Jeopardy, I would always grab a Rueben from them and eat it at the bar. Aside from my go to sandwich the owners were always so generous with letting you try the new soup, or new side they were working on. I heart samples!



I saw this in the display while ordering our food the past weekend. It was so cute, still unsure if it was supposed to be edible.




Our meals from this past weekend, when Becky (my best friend from Memphis came to visit.) I was so happy I could take them to local eateries like Cow and Sow. We actually sat in their sitting area adjacent from deli.

If you do go, also, take the time to walk around. They have products from local artisans – jewelries, soaps, lip balms and such. It’s like a mini indoor farm and art market.


Find the menu and location here:

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