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Jamberry Nails


A friend of mine was selling Jamberry and asked me to do a trial. She gave me a card with one Jamberry sample that I was supposed to place on one nail. It was a challenge. One Jamberry nail, the rest nail polish and see which lasts longer. Now even though I enjoy getting professionally done mani/pedi’s, I’ve actually been quite good at doing my own nails. (Clear base, two coats and top coat and it always lasted the two weeks it took for me to get sick of the color and want to change again.) So when presented with this product I asked the questions pertinent to me: will it damage my nails? how easy is it to remove? Unfortunately, I did not get the answers I wanted. That consultant “peels” off her Jamberry which of course will damage your nails, and the persistent “just try it” did not work well with me.

Now, it must have been a couple weeks off, I saw an old classmate of mine on Facebook was also a Jamberry consultant. I gave her the same questions and I’m glad I thought to ask again. The Jamberry is easy to apply, and soaks off with olive oil which is so healthy for your cuticles too. I didn’t just get answers, I also got directed to some video tutorials



Rachel set me up an online party. Prior to that though, she sent me samples, not just for myself, but also for my friends to try. We all got to try it out before the party even started. An online Facebook party is so effortless. No one coming to my place, no food and beverage to prepare, I just invited my friends and Rachel did the rest. And the games are super fun. My fave image was from “Guess the Movie” and I just had to steal it for a possible Halloween costume.


Now, just to let you in on the experience. I started with using a hair dryer to heat it, but even then I was an immediate pro with cutting it to size. I don’t think you can really mess it up though. I usually cut the size to half, take the adhesive off one, heat and apply. I don’t really file the excess until all the nails are applied. (Note: you can stop anytime in the middle to do chores i.e. transfer laundry from washer to dryer. No wet nails, no waiting around to do things.)



I got so addicted my friends actually told me I changed my Jamberry’s too much. But they were so pretty and fun. I even did Mom’s nails for her.


The best perk of hosting the party. I got freebies! My friends loved it, ordered through my party, and even booked parties of their own. And what do I get. Well, I chose to get an application kit because a hair dryer can only get you so far.



So, I finally have my own heater. I have the buffers, nail files, nail wipes (to clean before application) scissor for cutting the pieces, cuticle pusher, cuticle oil and free sheets!

Also, I’m considering being a consultant myself now. Just saw Rachel just got herself a free trip to Hawaii. What?

Contact info if you’re interested:

Rachel Bennington

  • Email: rachel@performtoyourmax.com
  • Website: http://www.rachelbennington.jamberry.com

    And something to watch if you decide you love it so much to sell it yourself (by the way, isn’t she just so pretty?):