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Cake – The Movie


Jennifer Aniston’s character suffers from chronic pain and is kicked out of her support group after for being “not so nice.” One of the support group members (why is Anna Kenrick in every movie right now?) commits suicide prior and starts haunting her after.

Another movie I don’t want to spoil for anyone, but there are points to mention:

1. The guy from Avatar is hot, even though he is messed up in this. Like so much so messed up.
2. Everyone is messed up in this. It’s like all the messed up people in your life got together and decided they’d make a movie about just how they are daily messed up.
3. If you’ve ever wanted to kill yourself, you might after watching this movie.
4. If you’ve ever been cynical about suicidal tendencies in your life, this movie will make you suicidal.
5. I still don’t know what happened to her son.

I do like how they mention St Jude (my favorite saint, for my own reasons) and I felt so much more normal after watching the movie. I didn’t feel great about having spent time watching the movie, but I felt good about myself, so I’m sort of grateful for the movie.

At one point this line comes through, “It’s really hard without the drugs, huh?” And I thought, “Holy Mary, how many times did I use to hear that?” Not illegal drugs, get it straight, but (if you didn’t know, here it is,) I’m supposedly bipolar. I’m off my meds, but I am not close to being this movie. It is hard without the drugs but it took a lot of work to get where I am, so I’m staying off until I think I cannot handle it again. If I were as bad as this movie, I’d make a movie straight away.

Favorite movie quote – as she tries to smuggle her pharmaceuticals from Mexico, the pharmacist suggests hiding it in a statue of the Holy Virgin Mary: “Will you just get me anything other than Mary, I have problems with anything religious.” “I think you have bigger problems.” I thought so too.

American Sniper Movie


Very intense movie, and I know it is still in the theaters so I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Definitely touches on every aspect of life, war, family, glory, loss and self. Near the beginning when the main character first gets deployed and sees what he has signed up for he says “that’s evil I’ve never seen before” and as you continue through with the movie, it becomes a statement you yourself own. Some graphic images flash through, and the characters barely acknowledge them (seemingly used to the scene that they just showed you) but it leaves you haunted, even as the story moves along, you try to follow trying to shake that image from your mind. What was that?

But, like I said, it’s not just about war. It touches on the character’s family life, his friends, how they all struggle to cope and the sacrifices they all make. A great movie, I think. And a great depiction of the “sheep dogs” that watch for us. Once you watch it, you’ll get the reference, and I hope you do watch it, if you haven’t already.

Also, Chris Kyle was an inspiration, but I hope that as you watch/watched the movie you also compared his character to someone closer to you. They may not be the “best American sniper” but they served, they lived that, they sacrificed and we will always only see those haunting images in movies because of them.

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