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The Myths and Mysteries of Kansas by Diana Lambdin Meyer


True stories, according to the cover, of the (supposedly) unsolved and unexplained.

I picked the book up when they had a book fair at the work atrium. After reading through it, I felt a little misled. I was hoping for more ghost stories, especially since I’ve heard of the stories of Atchison, Kansas, our “most haunted town.”

For Kansas Day though, I thought it would be fitting to tell you what I did learn from the book. It basically focused on legendary characters that may have lived or passed through. The Bloody Benders, Buffalo Bill Cody, and General Custer, to name a few.

These stories, if you remember your Kansas History from middle school, would be familiar to you already. The author added more detail though, and it did make it more interesting. 12 Chapters of things about Kansas.

Things I didn’t know: basketball was “invented” in Lawrence, Kansas. Now, I understand why the Jayhawks are so passionate about their team. Better not let that 6th man on the court down. Also, ever heard of Nicodemus, Kansas? The Legendary Black Town of the West? Makes me want to visit actually. The author states the the first settlers made dwellings against hills and some are still there today.

So, yes, I felt a little deceived by the title, but still glad I own the book. Something I can lend out to those Kansas History fanatics.

Sandwich Pizzas For Snacking

Another way to help me use up an entire loaf of sliced bread that I can never finish in time, (even with the freezing method my best friend taught me.) I decided instead of purchasing frozen pizza, that I would feel obligated to finish in a sitting or reheat for later (never as good as fresh,) I would make sandwich snack pizzas. I learned this when we lived in Ohio.



Basically, you take your sliced bread, spread tomato sauce, add cheese (I use the Kraft Singles because that’s what I have) and then pepperoni. I’m sure you could do other toppings as well.

Toaster oven, or oven, depending on how many you’re making. Toast until cheese is melted.


It’s fast, easy, yummy and saves money.

Into The Woods at the Old Town Warren Theatre Showcase


I was little late getting to watch the movie, but it ended up being great timing. Unknowingly we picked the show time that showed the film in the Showcase of the Warren Old Town Theatre. Much better than the Director’s Suite, I think. We had our own booth, basically. The only thing we both agreed we wanted were foot rests. The Director’s Suite chairs recline.


The movie as a musical was great. It had a lot of tongue in cheek humor. Some of it, though, bordered on awkward and even questionable. If you haven’t seen it yet, pay attention to the way The Wolf (Johnny Depp) describes Little Red Riding Hood in his song. My friend called it disturbing. There were a lot of side glances between my friend and I. And the Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk was charming and less than manly. I cringed.

My friend didn’t know it was going to be a musical. I think there were enough laughs though to make up for it. Definitely would not go see it again, unless it was free and I was bored, but it was a great time all in all.

Especially since we were in the Showcase.

Autodesk Pixlr


This is by far the best photo editing app I have found. It has been very fun to use and very easy to learn to use. I downloaded the app on my phone and even on my laptop. I’m not sure if this is available for iPhone, however, I haven’t asked anyone.

It does the usual crop, rotate, stuff plus red-eye reduction, overlay, double-exposure… There’s really a lot more effects that are available. I’ve used other photo editing apps in the past and this has become my current favorite.


It also creates collages, and you can download stickers to add to your images, so it took the place of other apps on my phone. I was glad to uninstall them and free up some memory space.

Highly recommend giving this a spin. My first day I was on a photo editing spree.

My fun little images below:




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