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How to Save on Ebay

1. Shop for something you need, but not what you need right now.

It’s just like not going grocery shopping when you’re hungry. If you need something and aren’t willing to wait for it, be prepared to pay more than you should.

*I wanted an apron for working in the kitchen. Mostly because I do messy crafts.

2. Research

Do a search for you specific item and sort for what’s ending soonest. This will give you a basic feel of how much the prices can go up to if you are bidding, and if you filter lowest to highest with the “Buy It Now” prices, how much they usually post for. From there you can decide how much you’re willing to pay. Factor in shipping cost.



*I wanted a pink apron, but didn’t really need a pink apron. Got me? So, I found one that started at $.99 with free shipping. Something similar showed for $8.95 plus $3.99 shipping. Since it was a want more than a need, I gave myself $10.

3. Always have more than one option.

Once you find what you want you can search for similar items (with one button,) or you can browse that seller’s shop for something that might be comparable. You can select to “Watch” items without committing to buy.

4. Devil in the details.

I recommend taking time to look at the fine print. Measurements, return policies, the seller’s ratings, etc. Don’t get stuck buying something that’s broken, not your size or not returnable.

*Remind me, but didn’t one guy end up buying an Xbox BOX? Don’t be that guy.

5. Play the game.

If you decide to bid on an item, have your set price in mind. I usually wait until mere hours before the bidding will end and watch how fast the bids are going. It’s supply and demand, the less you bid the slower the price will go up. Once you bid, you are playing a 50/50 game. Be prepared to lose. If you’re not good at losing, you will find yourself overbidding and overspending. You can usually set a max bid for yourself. My rule: If it goes over what I want to pay for it, I move on to the next. Be aware, once you do bid, you are committing to buy. (Read the Ebay rules.)

6. Communicate.

Before you bid, send the seller clarifying questions. If they’re good sellers they will respond. Good sellers rely on their ratings, and they don’t want you complaining to Ebay about a bad product. If the shipment is delayed, let the seller know. They will either track it down for you, or replace it. That saves you stress. If you get something that is broken or not what was posted, tell them. I had a shipment with a missing part before and it was replaced for free. Defective product also replaced, and they didn’t even ask me to ship the other item back. This is why having the time to wait is good. People will work with you if you are willing to work with them. (Go ahead and apply that last sentence to other aspects of life. Bonus.)


*Final purchase price $5.64 including shipping. Try to find that brand new at the stores.

7. Be Savvy

Duh. But in case you do get something you decide you don’t want to keep, either it’s no longer needed, didn’t fit, or what not, know you options. You can return it, depending on the return policy. If it’s free, ship it back for a refund. If it’s not free, ask yourself if it’s worth the hassle. Why pay $5 shipping for a $2 item? If you decide better, which I usually do, I repost it on Ebay. Why hold on to something that takes up space in your house, when someone else will pay you to have it take space in their house? As a seller, you have your options as well. Free shipping, not free shipping, auction, buy it now, you set the rules. (Fees may apply, read the Ebay rules.) You either make money, or don’t, sell or not. It’s always a 50/50 game. (Go ahead and apply that one to other aspects of life as well. Extra bonus.)

Happy Ebaying.

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