Attempting another revamp of the blog. Please be patient as I clear some clutter and refocus the site.

As a personal update – I currently work full time as a telemarketer at home, and part time as a promotional model at various liquor stores and bars. I volunteer for a couple non for profit organizations. I also consider myself a homemaker and enjoy cooking meals for my little family. And more recently, I’m in the beginning stages of planning my wedding.

When I’m not working, cooking or cleaning, I enjoy watching movies, and binge watching shows. I visit Makerspace at least weekly, and attempt to be a maker in their various sections, whether by attending a class or fumbling around on my own. I also try to spend time with my friends, watching baseball games, eating out, grabbing drinks, and/or goofing off.

And, of course, I enjoy naps. Lots of it!