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The Flex Menstrual Disc Review – Disclaimer: TMI


Saw an ad for the Flex and decided to be a guinea pig.

My trial samples arrived and I waited for “the right time” to try it out. I opened the package and read the instructions and it was a bit intimidating. (Visit the website linked above to view instructions.) My main concern was not being able to “fish” it back out.

A little background. I am fairly regular, light flow, and usually my cycle only lasts 3 to 4 days. Therefore, I usually opt for using just panty liners during my days.


First day. I was very careful to follow instructions and even felt around to make sure I was per diagram. The disc itself was practically the size of my palm so it was a bit daunting. I still used a panty liner because I wanted to be safe. My morning was scheduled for moving, and I thought, great, active wear trial. LOL!

First, I felt pressure like I needed to pee all the time. I went to the restroom, saw some leakage on the panty liner and chalked it up to what I just mentioned, leakage. I finished packing stuff from my apartment and loaded my car, did a meeting, and then got to my new place and started unpacking. By the time I was unpacking it started feeling uncomfortable. 6 hours in, and supposedly this was to last 12 hours. I went to the restroom to see if I needed to readjust and it was a total mess. I decided to “pull out” and abandon ship and try again the next day. I thought perhaps I had inserted incorrectly and would try again but to give “myself” a bit of rest.

Second day, I decided to try again and I looked through the instructions one more time to make sure the day prior was not user error. Still used a panty liner. This time I was mostly sitting at work, and the discomfort was gone, except when I started walking. When I checked I did have leakage, but not as much. After work I got home and continued unpacking and the discomfort came back. Somehow I feel the disc shifts with too much activity. I definitely did not last the 12 hours that it stated in the packaging.

I was only given two to try, but I think I will stick to the panty liners for now. Like I said, I’ve always had light flow, and the discomfort completely put me off on it.

From my opinion, Flex itself is a fail. Perhaps, sometime I’ll try a different brand of menstrual disc, but I might give myself a little rest period first. (No pun intended.)