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Doodah Diner


I was at a complete loss thinking of “Wichita” places to eat while my best friend was visiting and then I remembered Doodah. It was packed that day. I guess the secret is out, or has been out. It was a 45 minute wait, but very worth it.




The pictures of the food alone, are making me crave them again, now, as in immediately. And if you ever get the chance to sit closer to the kitchen, listen to the orders being called. Some raspy “ol’ time diner movie character voice” calls them out and I thought it was for show. I asked, he’s one of the owners.


And this mug, put it on my wish list.

Cow and Sow Deli


I adore Cow and Sow. When I used to hang out at Barleycorn’s to watch Jeopardy, I would always grab a Rueben from them and eat it at the bar. Aside from my go to sandwich the owners were always so generous with letting you try the new soup, or new side they were working on. I heart samples!



I saw this in the display while ordering our food the past weekend. It was so cute, still unsure if it was supposed to be edible.




Our meals from this past weekend, when Becky (my best friend from Memphis came to visit.) I was so happy I could take them to local eateries like Cow and Sow. We actually sat in their sitting area adjacent from deli.

If you do go, also, take the time to walk around. They have products from local artisans – jewelries, soaps, lip balms and such. It’s like a mini indoor farm and art market.


Find the menu and location here:

Gus’s – Memphis, TN


I’ve been going to Gus’s since my first visit with my best friend in Memphis. “Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken” would be just a running joke because of the possessive/plural puzzle they have stuck in my mind, except that their chicken is amazing. Not just the chicken either. Corn nuggets. I have never ever had corn nuggets before Gus’s.

Now it has become an every visit tradition. My best friend considers it my “visit requirement.” Since, I’ve first dined at Gus’s there are now 10 locations open in 4 states. Five in Tennessee, East Memphis, Downtown Memphis, Bartlett, Collierville and Mason. Two in Arkansas, West Little Rock and Downtown Little Rock. Two in Mississippi, Oxford and South Haven. One in Austin, Texas.


The list of future locations include Kansas City, and that I am very excited for. Of course, it will still remain a “visit requirement” every time I see my best friend in Tennessee, but this will just make it a little bit more accessible and a lot easier to share with friends close to home.



From my last visit this past weekend: 2 piece white meat with macaroni and cheese and turnip greens, and an order of fried green tomatoes.


A visit to Gus’s is always a pleasure and always highly recommended. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate a place with no definite closing time?

Mike’s Wine Dive – Sunday Brunch

Mike’s Wine Dive has been open for many moons now, and it’s always been a good lunching venue for me. I love bringing my friends there for the first time and seeing them in awe of the food.

I started following Mike’s on Twitter (@winediveks) and woke up early enough to learn about brunch at 11am and saw a very tempting picture of the Cajun Eggs Benedict. Luckily, I had the time and the company.




Let’s start with drinks, since the servers usually do. Mimosa came with option of grapefruit, pineapple or orange. I’ve had orange plenty, so I decided to try pineapple. My friend had the Bloody Mary (which had the choice of vodka or gin,) and that they had arranged a Bloody Mary Bar for. The Bloody Mary Bar just made me more hungry so I sat down and let her finish completing her concoction.


The Cajun Eggs Benedict supposedly served with “deep south Cajun hollandaise” were actually not as Cajun as I had anticipated. In fact, it lacked flavor entirely, the fried oysters it came with also lacking and even the “olive oil rosemary” potatoes. I drenched my meal with tabasco and finished it.

Mid-course, I ordered another Mimosa, this time with orange juice, since the pineapple was not as appealing to me. The server condescendingly remarked without provocation “now you know” and I was glad I was holding a drink before I slapped her. What about “I’ll have it with orange juice this time” necessitated any response from her? Maybe I was just irate over the fact that my brunch had not met my expectations, but really, know your place.


Of course, I will admit, it was a matter of poor choice. Mike’s, as I’ve mentioned, has been open for moons, and always has great food. My friend ordered a fattoush salad with salmon, and I was grateful she shared. It sure made up for my bitterness over the not so Cajun Cajun.

This was my first brunch. I’ll chalk it up to trial and error. I’ll definitely have to try again, and see if the rest of the menu adds up.

Dempsey’s Burger Pub

*Located: 3700 E Douglas#78 Wichita, KS

Dempsey’s opened around December of last year. I’ve been there to eat three times. Once for lunch around noon, second for dinner around 6pm, and the third and last time was late afternoon between 3pm and 4pm. To summarize – great food, slow service.

My first visit I tried the House Kobe Burger (shallot marmalade, tomato confit and micro arugula) with a side of Fire Fries (house fries tossed in chili oil and chili pepper flakes). The burger was nothing special. The fried did amaze and they seemed pretty tame until I got near the bottom of the basket, then I learned a tip I willingly tell any friend who dares to try it “mix up your fries first, the fire is somewhere near the bottom.”


My second visit I tried the Salmon Burger “made in house from a whole salmon, topped with Nanna’s slaw”, and this time with a side of Truffle Fries (house fries tossed in truffle oil, topped with parmesan and parsley). The salmon was good enough, and I don’t know who “Nanna” is but the slaw was good too. Pretty much I ate the salmon and slaw with a fork of the burger. So far, the only thing I can really rave about are the fries.


The third and last visit, which was this past weekend, I had the Buffalo Bird burger “chicken breast, celery remoulade, bleu cheese cream sauce, house buffalo sauce and lettuce” and a side of the tried and true Truffle Fries. At this point, I believe they are getting sloppier not just with the service but also with the food prep as they progress. I had thought my burger bland until I got to the middle. I guess someone decided to put a spoonful of buffalo sauce on the top of the chicken breast just to fulfill the menu’s list of ingredients.

As for the earlier mention of slow service, I timed the last time I was there and with the Buffalo Bird burger being the main time consuming order, it took between 30 to 45 minutes for the food to arrive, unless I really don’t understand the process of making Truffle Fries.

Yes, the two pictures I have look basically identical. There’s not a lot to say about the presentation, (which should cut down on the serving time as well.) The menu does look enticing, and I hate to be biased, this is, of course, only my opinion.

For a hang out place to grab beer and fries, definitely wouldn’t pass this place up, but the burgers are definitely not worth the wait.

Taste and See – Four Course Valentine’s Event


The surprise four course Valentine’s dinner unveiled to us by Chef Jason Febres. Prepare for pictures and just be jealous if you missed it.






All posted in the order they were served and also as listed on the menu. If I had to choose a favorite – the Pop Corn Duck, but then I’d need more Everything Sushi to really be unbiased, and probably Passion dessert again just because.

Chef never disappoints. Except, sir, that bottle does not glow in the dark as it claimed to when I read the back. I know, I tried it. Otherwise, lovely dinner, as always.


Cocoa Dolce – Artisan Chocolates


Mmmm… Best place to sit and have coffee for sure. Also, best chocolate and chocolate selections. Best treats all around. My fave are the Macarons.





I wish I could share this place with all of my friends, but so far there are only two locations, and both are in Kansas. I am shipping some treats to my friend in Texas. They had heart shaped Double Dipped Tahitian Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, and she is so lucky I haven’t licked them yet.


P.S. The fact that it’s a walk away from Sephora does not hurt at all either.

Sandwich Pizzas For Snacking

Another way to help me use up an entire loaf of sliced bread that I can never finish in time, (even with the freezing method my best friend taught me.) I decided instead of purchasing frozen pizza, that I would feel obligated to finish in a sitting or reheat for later (never as good as fresh,) I would make sandwich snack pizzas. I learned this when we lived in Ohio.



Basically, you take your sliced bread, spread tomato sauce, add cheese (I use the Kraft Singles because that’s what I have) and then pepperoni. I’m sure you could do other toppings as well.

Toaster oven, or oven, depending on how many you’re making. Toast until cheese is melted.


It’s fast, easy, yummy and saves money.

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