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Loony Bin Wichita or Live at 215 – Still Unsure


Loony Bin has reopened in downtown Wichita at 215 St Francis. I got to visit the new venue the first time, and even though it’s new, some things are still, meh.

The location is smaller, tighter space, but in a way better, since there is no bad view of the stage. Also, it doesn’t seem as empty and people are sort of forced to gather around, making it a more intimate and personal night. (Some people, I wish not so personal, but there will always be someone turning to your table to say “Yeah, right, that joke? So me! Ha!” “Turn back around!”) They also have a bar in the waiting area. Waiting to get in or waiting to get out, you don’t have to go to “the next bar” anymore. And it’s cleaner. The service though, still just as slow. The food, still just bar food. Why did I use to go, and why do I want to keep going? Because people are hilarious!

The night I was there the headlining comedian was Skip Clark. I didn’t get an FB page or a bio, please follow him on Twitter @Skip_Clark and ask him questions about him yourself. Thanks. He was funny! He was so funny! I wish I could replay the whole night more vividly in my head. Perhaps this is why they sell DVDs at the end of the night. Why do I never bring cash? Gah!

Definitely going back to check out more acts. BTW, the schedule is on the same URL Let me know if you plan to go and invite me, ok? And they also had this rewards card keychain deal. I haven’t looked it up, and the guy at the door didn’t really explain it, even when I said “What’s this?” But I think it’s for something good. I’ll test it out and let you guys know.


Horrible Bosses 2

The movie came out on my birthday so I just recently got the chance to finally watch it.


First, I am never disappointed to watch Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis, especially all in one movie. Then you add the rest of the cast like Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey. I was literally applauding in my seat. Okay, I’ll mention Jennifer Aniston, but really, her character, meh.

Horrible Bosses 2

The movie was awesome, bad ass, hilarious! I’m sure you can Google a synopsis, if you haven’t watched it already. Oh, if you haven’t stay for end of credit, just as hilarious if not more.

Oh, and there’s Chris Pine. His character also meh, though he basically moves the story along, but seeing him so psycho disheveled, made me appreciate his usual GQ look. I crush on you, Chris Pine, please keep showering.


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