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Bates Motel – TV Series


I’ve been hooked on this since the first season. Supposedly a “contemporary prequel” to Pyscho by Alfred Hitchcock, Freddie Highmore has never seemed as creepy. Loving it! Also, Vera Farmiga is an amazing actress. (If you’re a fan and have not already, please check out Quid Pro Quo the movie.)

Basically overall excitement about the third season starting March 9th on A&E.



Does not Max Thieriot remind you of a young Nick Stahl (also in Quid Pro Quo)?

Consider me hooked…


John Wick – Movie


Been waiting to watch this movie forever now. Best Keanu is Keanu in a dark suit, in a dark mood and not talking. (Personal preference, of course.) Per usual, this gets all the high raves from me because of the fight scenes. The fact that everyone is scared of John Wick, scared of the mention of his name…I want to be John Wick! “He was the one you sent to kill the boogeyman.”

And the “dinner reservations” euphemism. I want dinner reservations like that. I mean imagine what they could do with my tiny one bedroom apartment, right?

I was insulted by the price they put on his head though. 2 million? For Keanu? For Neo? for 47 Ronin? He is the one!

Also, loved the soundtrack. Marilyn Manson “We Kill Strangers” have been on my favorite repeat list ever since.

There are a lot to rave about. Favorite line: “They’ll know you’re coming.” “Of course, but it won’t matter.”

Now, as much as I do rant and rave about this movie, and how many people have mentioned this might be the best Keanu movie yet, I would like to turn you attention to Man of Tai Chi.

Man of Tai Chi, was not highly marketed in the US, but it is, as of currently, still on Netflix. Keanu is not the main character, in fact he is the bad guy, but I challenge you to watch it, and then make your comparison.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Movie


Sadly, sadder (not in the literal sense) than the book. Though highly entertaining only because of the crowd reaction as the movie played.

Yes, they cut much out to fit one book into 2 hours, but I’m not sure the women in the theaters with us read the book. There was a lot of hollering of “Go girl!” “What?!” and when the movie ended, as it did in the book “That’s it?” If I had to choose, definitely the book is better than the film. Anyone know if they’ve started filming the second one?

By the way, Dakota naked by herself is ok, but not “hot”. Dornan naked by himself also ok, but not “hot”. The two together naked is opposite of hot and borderlined awkward. Just my opinion.

Fifty Shades of Grey


*special shout out to the woman who made me promise to read it, and I promise to read the rest of the books. The deal was to read the first book before the movie so, Maria, here’s the review and my proof.

First, I never had any interest in reading this because to be frank I have different taste in literature. I’m not saying this is risqué, I’m just saying, please keep Twilight-ish story lines from my erotica. How did I gauge this series without reading it first? “Someone”, I know, who supposedly is an open-minded adult, recommended it to me when it first came out. I was thrilled to find that she enjoyed a good “read” so I lent her my series The Sleeping Beauty Series. She returned it, without finishing the first book. It was too much. So I stared at her books thinking, so what is this?

Well, peer pressure has won. And as the movie draws closer, I have a deadline to finish reading the first book of the series.

I was right and I was wrong. This is Twilight. It’s very watered down. It is a good read though. I find the characters hilarious in an empathetic sort of way. I keep finding myself reminiscing of days when I questioned the simplest gesture of pulling someone’s hair. I’m glad that the younger women are reading it though. Some may disagree, but it teaches about the sense of self-worth, contraception, STDs, and keeping an open mind. Although, I should also point out that this book gives the impression that you can fix people. Seriously, it’s one thing to have a fetish, but completely another to have these fetishes because of some “baggage” you cannot disclose. If someone tells you they have “issues” and cannot discuss those issues with you, don’t ask to sign a contract, tell them to call you when they can either discuss said issue, or have moved on from said issue. People are not projects.

Anyway, still a very great amusing read. And I was asked if I liked the ending, and yes, I did. It ended as most dysfunctional relationships would, but knowing that there are two more books, I’m sure it starts all over again, as most dysfunctional relationships do. How exciting!

By the way, I do plan on watching the movie. That is part of my Valentine’s Day plans. I am very excited to dress up for it, and to see how awkward dinner might be. Wish me luck.

Cake – The Movie


Jennifer Aniston’s character suffers from chronic pain and is kicked out of her support group after for being “not so nice.” One of the support group members (why is Anna Kenrick in every movie right now?) commits suicide prior and starts haunting her after.

Another movie I don’t want to spoil for anyone, but there are points to mention:

1. The guy from Avatar is hot, even though he is messed up in this. Like so much so messed up.
2. Everyone is messed up in this. It’s like all the messed up people in your life got together and decided they’d make a movie about just how they are daily messed up.
3. If you’ve ever wanted to kill yourself, you might after watching this movie.
4. If you’ve ever been cynical about suicidal tendencies in your life, this movie will make you suicidal.
5. I still don’t know what happened to her son.

I do like how they mention St Jude (my favorite saint, for my own reasons) and I felt so much more normal after watching the movie. I didn’t feel great about having spent time watching the movie, but I felt good about myself, so I’m sort of grateful for the movie.

At one point this line comes through, “It’s really hard without the drugs, huh?” And I thought, “Holy Mary, how many times did I use to hear that?” Not illegal drugs, get it straight, but (if you didn’t know, here it is,) I’m supposedly bipolar. I’m off my meds, but I am not close to being this movie. It is hard without the drugs but it took a lot of work to get where I am, so I’m staying off until I think I cannot handle it again. If I were as bad as this movie, I’d make a movie straight away.

Favorite movie quote – as she tries to smuggle her pharmaceuticals from Mexico, the pharmacist suggests hiding it in a statue of the Holy Virgin Mary: “Will you just get me anything other than Mary, I have problems with anything religious.” “I think you have bigger problems.” I thought so too.

American Sniper Movie


Very intense movie, and I know it is still in the theaters so I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Definitely touches on every aspect of life, war, family, glory, loss and self. Near the beginning when the main character first gets deployed and sees what he has signed up for he says “that’s evil I’ve never seen before” and as you continue through with the movie, it becomes a statement you yourself own. Some graphic images flash through, and the characters barely acknowledge them (seemingly used to the scene that they just showed you) but it leaves you haunted, even as the story moves along, you try to follow trying to shake that image from your mind. What was that?

But, like I said, it’s not just about war. It touches on the character’s family life, his friends, how they all struggle to cope and the sacrifices they all make. A great movie, I think. And a great depiction of the “sheep dogs” that watch for us. Once you watch it, you’ll get the reference, and I hope you do watch it, if you haven’t already.

Also, Chris Kyle was an inspiration, but I hope that as you watch/watched the movie you also compared his character to someone closer to you. They may not be the “best American sniper” but they served, they lived that, they sacrificed and we will always only see those haunting images in movies because of them.

Into The Woods at the Old Town Warren Theatre Showcase


I was little late getting to watch the movie, but it ended up being great timing. Unknowingly we picked the show time that showed the film in the Showcase of the Warren Old Town Theatre. Much better than the Director’s Suite, I think. We had our own booth, basically. The only thing we both agreed we wanted were foot rests. The Director’s Suite chairs recline.


The movie as a musical was great. It had a lot of tongue in cheek humor. Some of it, though, bordered on awkward and even questionable. If you haven’t seen it yet, pay attention to the way The Wolf (Johnny Depp) describes Little Red Riding Hood in his song. My friend called it disturbing. There were a lot of side glances between my friend and I. And the Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk was charming and less than manly. I cringed.

My friend didn’t know it was going to be a musical. I think there were enough laughs though to make up for it. Definitely would not go see it again, unless it was free and I was bored, but it was a great time all in all.

Especially since we were in the Showcase.

Marco Polo (TV Series)

I have obsessed over many a Netflix Originals, but only one got eye gulped in two days. Two days, only because I had to run errands on my weekend. I cannot believe this sat on “My List” that long. Released on December 12, 2014, there was not one out of the 10 episodes that was lacking.


Marco Polo played by Lorenzo Richelmy, is not bad to look at. I can’t say if he bares any resemblance to the character but I didn’t and still am yet to know much about the character myself. Let me add that I never thought much about the name Marco Polo, except for the swimming pool game. Now, completely intrigued about his historical link with the Mongolian culture, I am so wowed! Yes, this is far from an accurate depiction of history, but whatever sparks the curious minds to do further research and reading…yes, my nerdom.


And Kublai Khan?! I was so ever impressed about the stories of Ghengis, but who is this Kublai Khan, and why did they pick an actor (Benedict Wong) who mimics my father’s mannerisms so perfectly. Every time he made a scolding look or a scoff I couldn’t stop thinking, “Yep, I’ve seen that.”


And oh, the wonderment of sword fights, and even kung fu. It was fantastic. Yes, lots of nudity, for those looking for such things. Not really my style, unless it’s Olivia Cheng and her dance-like nude fight scene. I could have replayed that scene for hours, I still might.

I have been ranting and raving about this TV series since I started watching it, and I will continue to do so because I think I’m watching it all over again. I know. Dedication. I just hope they release another season before I wear out the pixels on my phone.

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