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Exploration Place

So sad to confess, but I had never been to Exploration Place before. I was glad I had an excuse to go. It was so much fun!



The above photos were during the lesson on sound effects. I think I really got more into it than the kids. I’m thinking of making a home movie just to try it out.




There was a Medieval area. Lots of photo ops.


This one, I wish was a better photo. It was an exhibit of fear, and how it spreads, socially. Very educational. I actually, read and watched more than took pictures.


My favorite is this survival simulation. You walk in, and your shadow enters the screen. The tiger/phanter/something minds its own business. When it looks your way, you’re supposed to freeze, and if it doesn’t notice you it carries on, and you’re supposed to continue this way until you can pass the course. I made the mistake of inviting Michelle. She decided to jump up right as the cat was about to turn back around. Yeah, we died. She sucks. I’m going back without her.





Mini town. I love mini towns, just because of the work involved in them, and because they’re cute.





And the rest is just more fun photo ops, because this was the most fun. Most definitely requiring a visit again soon.


Always a fun time. Been to Tanganyika, not sure how many times. I didn’t take as many pictures this time around. My best friend surely did, and they enjoyed feeding the tortoise, petting the kangaroos and the bearded dragon lizard. Me, I just like the giraffes.










Okay, and I snuck a Corona in while sitting in the refreshments area. Can’t sue me.

Youthville Chalk Art Festival


Company Overview: Youthville, a program division of EmberHope, specializes in foster care, parent support, residential treatment and counseling. Our highly skilled staff uses evidenced-based programs to serve hundreds of children and families each year who have experienced severe trauma or whose families are at-risk and need help.

On August 1st, we took a trip to the Old Town Square to watch local artists create chalk art and attempted to create our own “drawings”. It was amazing the masterpieces we saw, and the attendance, considering the heat that day. They had face painters, live music and other booths.

The Chalk Art Fest is a free annual event held to raise awareness and support for EmberHope, and local artists.

Here are some of the awesome sights we saw:

Snapshot 4 (8-4-2015 8-07 AM)

Snapshot 5 (8-4-2015 8-09 AM)

Snapshot 6 (8-4-2015 8-09 AM)

Snapshot 7 (8-4-2015 8-10 AM)

Snapshot 8 (8-4-2015 8-10 AM)

If you’re interested in learning more about Youthville, participating in events or volunteering. Info below:

Phone: (800) 593-1950



Trainwreck – The Movie


Starring: Amy Schumer, LeBron James, and Bill Hader

A history of my Amy Schumer fandom: I am a big Anthony Jeselnik fan. Anthony Jeselnik used to date Amy Schumer. How did Amy Schumer get bigger than Anthony Jeselnik? Because we are at the stage of Feminism where being crass is considered strength. Etiher way, she’s still (in her own way) funny.

I saw the trailer for this movie and immediately marked my calendar. When the time came, and I finally got to see it, I was mildly disappointed. It was still hilarious. I laughed so much at one point I cried. Although, it was not lost on me that a Caligula reference was made (Caligula being one of the Anthony Jeselnik specials. I own the DVD. Get over him already, Amy.) Also, the some pf the parts from the trailer that I was looking forward to seeing was even cut out of the movie, suck.

I didn’t hate it, though. Like I said, I laughed. There were very funny parts, just muddled into this pathetic romantic comedy. It was crass, but really, it was sad. She portrayed, which is probably her real life persona, a woman too broken to get it together and too desperate to make it on her own. That part made me cry.

I totally would’ve still watched the movie, maybe on DVD. Not the kind I’d watch again, and definitely the kind I regret paying money at the theatre for.

P.S. To the couple who brought their 8-ish year old daughter to the movie. Shame!

Barefoot – Movie

Scott Speedman and Evan Rachel Wood make an adorable romantic comedy. I’m not sure how this one flew by my radar. It was released last year.


Scott Speedman’s character, Jay Wheeler, is basically the outcast of his wealthy family. Aimless, on parole, and hunted for gambling debts. He decides to reach out to his family for help but in guise of having turned his life around. So he decides to bring a “serious girlfriend” home. Evan Rachel Wood, Daisy Kensington, is a psych patient. She ends up getting mixed up in the charade and pretends to be a nurse, but of course, it wouldn’t be a romantic comedy, if things just went as planned.

They are both just adorable, and taking away the parole, gambling, psych ward scenarios, they could be any couple. Really.

This one is very feel good movie, if you ever need one.

Buzztime Trivia



Buzztime Trivia has been around for as long as I can remember, but I never really had any interest because I didn’t have any serious contenders. Recently though, a couple of friends invited me to join them for Wednesday Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings North. (Two birds in one, the grilled chicken salad with buffalo wing sauce is great dinner.) I’m been coming up every week for about a month now.

I know I get overly competitive, but this is basically face to face “Trivia Crack”. They have a ton of participating locations and your scores get ranked based off the other scores in the same location, and then against the nation.



Once you sit down at one of the locations, you can ask for a touch screen portable console, or you can also download the app and run it through your phone. I suggest the console though if there is enough for the place because who wants to run out of cell phone battery in the middle of the night.

Pictures to follow show question examples, like I said it’s fairly similar to Trivia Crack so there are multiple subjects they go through. Also, your scores get ranked against the people in the location you’re at and the nation. Like I said, I get overly competitive, so I do end up yelling and smack talking. I also got some jeers for only taking screenshots of the games I do win. This happens rarely since I ended up with some very Trivia savvy folks.



Feel free to join us sometime.

Women’s Fair 2015

*at Century II Expo Hall
*for more information to check out the website and connect with them via Facebook or Twitter to make sure you don’t miss next year’s event.

Women’s Fair is always a fun time for me. Most year’s I go with my mom. This year I had time to go with a friend and it was just as awesome and fun.

We met at the Lawrence Dumont Stadium where they had a free shuttle to the Expo Hall. I never knew there was a shuttle. Mom and I just always went early and fought for parking.


Once we got there the first booth as I enter is for the Girl Scout’s and my first spend was for Caramel Delights, because I couldn’t help myself. The second booth was the Wichita Eagle, and they had a $10 Wichita Eagle umbrella. I was trying to be frugal with my money, but I really should have gotten it. Sad face.

Of course, our first target was food so we walked towards the back to the food court, and the line was overwhelming, for an overpriced basic cheeseburger. There was no other choice. I’m glad I ate though, because the rest was tons and tons of magic!

I had free samples of salsas, dips, frozen sangria, cheeses, breads, and other things I’ll probably remember later.



We also did a “Five minute Make it and Take it” project by Stampin’ Up. That was so much fun. I’m considering doing a class. I usually suck at scrapbooking by this was a lot of fun.



Then there were the tourism booths, and my friend and I got all sorts of road trip ideas: Haunted Atchison, Wineries in Oklahoma, I got so many maps and brochures in my bag I still have to sort through.


I also got a great deal on a summer dress. Originally marked $49.99 and it was in the $10 rack. It said “One Size Fits All” which made me weary but for that price I’d have been more than happy to gift it if it didn’t fit. It did. It’s mine!


And the best part, the Wesley photo booth, I’m glad my friend knew about it and took pictures with me. It was the best memory I think of the day. Great times! I look forward to the next year’s Women’s Fair.

By the way, my friend in the picture is Sheila. Fantastic company! She knew all about the shuttle, where best to park and helped me navigate through the booths. Excellent guide! I highly recommend her.

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