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Blue Over You


Ever feel like a change? I big change! A social experiment sort of change. I went blue. Lots of thanks to my friend Rachael for helping with this. Usually, I get the “are you sure?” “but your hair is so pretty?” Well, it’s my hair, and it grows back. I said, blue, she said, ok. I told her, “Look, I’m about to make a mistake, let’s make it a big one.” And I think the wine also helped in persuading her.


So, I got a box of Splat Envy and she started bleaching. Yes, we are having way too much fun. I believe some Snapchats and Periscope feeds were involved.


I do not look as good blond.


She went in with the blue and I found out much later there is a reason that people wear gloves.


Right after I tried to rub in more blue all around my head myself. I blame the wine.


After washing, immediately happy with the results.


The next day on the way to work, feeling good! Hahahaha! Yes, it was a drastic change and I still get smurf jokes and such, but I love it. Enjoying every minute, (except my early grocery shopping event this morning when random stops to say “you must be cold, your hair turned blue” I just smiled and kept walking. I’ll murder you with your own shopping cart, Creepy! JK. No murders occurred.

There’s a bigger change in the horizon. Wait for it… Yes, Rachael is coming back, this time I know we need more than one bottle of wine. Learn by experience.

Jamberry Nails


A friend of mine was selling Jamberry and asked me to do a trial. She gave me a card with one Jamberry sample that I was supposed to place on one nail. It was a challenge. One Jamberry nail, the rest nail polish and see which lasts longer. Now even though I enjoy getting professionally done mani/pedi’s, I’ve actually been quite good at doing my own nails. (Clear base, two coats and top coat and it always lasted the two weeks it took for me to get sick of the color and want to change again.) So when presented with this product I asked the questions pertinent to me: will it damage my nails? how easy is it to remove? Unfortunately, I did not get the answers I wanted. That consultant “peels” off her Jamberry which of course will damage your nails, and the persistent “just try it” did not work well with me.

Now, it must have been a couple weeks off, I saw an old classmate of mine on Facebook was also a Jamberry consultant. I gave her the same questions and I’m glad I thought to ask again. The Jamberry is easy to apply, and soaks off with olive oil which is so healthy for your cuticles too. I didn’t just get answers, I also got directed to some video tutorials



Rachel set me up an online party. Prior to that though, she sent me samples, not just for myself, but also for my friends to try. We all got to try it out before the party even started. An online Facebook party is so effortless. No one coming to my place, no food and beverage to prepare, I just invited my friends and Rachel did the rest. And the games are super fun. My fave image was from “Guess the Movie” and I just had to steal it for a possible Halloween costume.


Now, just to let you in on the experience. I started with using a hair dryer to heat it, but even then I was an immediate pro with cutting it to size. I don’t think you can really mess it up though. I usually cut the size to half, take the adhesive off one, heat and apply. I don’t really file the excess until all the nails are applied. (Note: you can stop anytime in the middle to do chores i.e. transfer laundry from washer to dryer. No wet nails, no waiting around to do things.)



I got so addicted my friends actually told me I changed my Jamberry’s too much. But they were so pretty and fun. I even did Mom’s nails for her.


The best perk of hosting the party. I got freebies! My friends loved it, ordered through my party, and even booked parties of their own. And what do I get. Well, I chose to get an application kit because a hair dryer can only get you so far.



So, I finally have my own heater. I have the buffers, nail files, nail wipes (to clean before application) scissor for cutting the pieces, cuticle pusher, cuticle oil and free sheets!

Also, I’m considering being a consultant myself now. Just saw Rachel just got herself a free trip to Hawaii. What?

Contact info if you’re interested:

Rachel Bennington

  • Email:
  • Website:

    And something to watch if you decide you love it so much to sell it yourself (by the way, isn’t she just so pretty?):

  • Women’s Fair 2015

    *at Century II Expo Hall
    *for more information to check out the website and connect with them via Facebook or Twitter to make sure you don’t miss next year’s event.

    Women’s Fair is always a fun time for me. Most year’s I go with my mom. This year I had time to go with a friend and it was just as awesome and fun.

    We met at the Lawrence Dumont Stadium where they had a free shuttle to the Expo Hall. I never knew there was a shuttle. Mom and I just always went early and fought for parking.


    Once we got there the first booth as I enter is for the Girl Scout’s and my first spend was for Caramel Delights, because I couldn’t help myself. The second booth was the Wichita Eagle, and they had a $10 Wichita Eagle umbrella. I was trying to be frugal with my money, but I really should have gotten it. Sad face.

    Of course, our first target was food so we walked towards the back to the food court, and the line was overwhelming, for an overpriced basic cheeseburger. There was no other choice. I’m glad I ate though, because the rest was tons and tons of magic!

    I had free samples of salsas, dips, frozen sangria, cheeses, breads, and other things I’ll probably remember later.



    We also did a “Five minute Make it and Take it” project by Stampin’ Up. That was so much fun. I’m considering doing a class. I usually suck at scrapbooking by this was a lot of fun.



    Then there were the tourism booths, and my friend and I got all sorts of road trip ideas: Haunted Atchison, Wineries in Oklahoma, I got so many maps and brochures in my bag I still have to sort through.


    I also got a great deal on a summer dress. Originally marked $49.99 and it was in the $10 rack. It said “One Size Fits All” which made me weary but for that price I’d have been more than happy to gift it if it didn’t fit. It did. It’s mine!


    And the best part, the Wesley photo booth, I’m glad my friend knew about it and took pictures with me. It was the best memory I think of the day. Great times! I look forward to the next year’s Women’s Fair.

    By the way, my friend in the picture is Sheila. Fantastic company! She knew all about the shuttle, where best to park and helped me navigate through the booths. Excellent guide! I highly recommend her.

    Bubbling Bath Salts



    6 Cups Epsom Salt
    ¾ Cup Lavender Scented Body Wash
    1 tbsp Olive Oil
    2-3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil (Optional)
    Purple Food Coloring (Optional)


    In a large bowl, combine salt and body wash, and mix until well combined.
    Add in your oil, essential oil and food coloring and mix well.
    On a lined baking sheet, spread the salt mixture out into a thin layer. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
    Once dry, break up any large clumps, and spoon into a sealable jar.

    To Use:

    Add ¼ Cup of Bubbly Bath Salts under running water.

    Of course, minor mishaps. First, I’m no artist but I thought blue and red makes purple. It was green. Might be something in the mix that reacted but next time I’ll just buy purple. Also, I wanted to make all my Epsom salt bubbly so I doubled the ingredients, therefore it took double the time to dry. My kitchen looked like an experiment gone wrong for two days. That bath after though, so worth it.

    Maybelline Pretty in Polka Nail Polish


    Visited the Dollar Tree for some cheap craft supplies and saw this cute nail polish in one of the aisles. Maybelline New York Color Show Polka Dots: Pretty in Polka. I had to have it. I was pretty skeptical. Usually with any confetti or glitter nail polish, the color ends up being very bare and the glitter or confetti ends up clumping in one spot instead of giving an even design. (I do my own nails most of the time and get very critical about polish texture.)


    Happy to report that I do adore it. I have applied it using a base coat, two coats of color (which is my custom to ensure longer lasting manicures) and a top coat. I cannot stop admiring my nails.

    Now, I’m just sad that it only came in two shades, the purple one that I bought and a black one. I’m not even sure I’ve seen these anywhere else. I’m sure I would have noticed. It would be absolutely sad if this was only sold at the Dollar Tree. Nothing against the store, I just feel that a polish like this should definitely have more exposure. So here it is for everyone to see. Also, if you want to borrow it, let me know. I like sharing my awesome finds.