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The Call of the Wild by Jack London

*via Tour De Wichita of The Wichita Public Library – Animals Genre for the Sedgwick County Zoo Site

Old longings nomadic leap,
Chafin at custom’s chain;
Again from its brumal sleep
Waken the ferine strain.

Starting the reading challenge I thought to pick up an “easy read” and being a classic I have never read before, it served as two birds, one stone.

I thought of it more of a children’s book but as you get deeper into the storyline, and as Buck (the protagonist) finds himself becoming more savage, you realize it is not a book for the very weak of heart. The book follows Buck from being stolen from his domestic life in California and sold from one master to another all the way to the cold Yukon, where “insticts long dead became alive again.” It was to be a story of survival when out of nowhere the story becomes a story of Love and Loyalty. The two not-so-secret but often forgotten ingredient to a great character…in man or beast.

The story seems simplified at first, but the reader gets swept into the narrative soon enough and cannot help but start to empathize with Buck with every turn in the story.

Link: Wichita Public Library Tour de Wichita
Link: Sedwick County Zoo – also look up Winter Wednesdays where admission is only $2.50 per person through February.

“Tour De Wichita” by the Wichita Public Library

Since I always challenge myself to read at least one book a month, when I saw Wichita Library’s Twitter post about a “Literary Journey Through Wichita” back in December I automatically took note.


There are fifteen genres inspired by Wichita sites. One book from each genre, five different books for each tour and three tours. A total of fifteen books to read from January 4th to March 18th.


I left work today and immediately visited the Rockwell Library Location. I had to get a Wichita Public Library card. I’m so glad they don’t discriminate based on city of residence or anyone from Derby. 🙂

So I’m ready and set for the challenge, and I’ve asked my sister to join in as well. I will try to update everyone on my progress. Wish me luck.

For anyone wanting to join as well, link for Wichita Public Libary below, as well as the link to their Twitter account in case you want to start following them to keep updated on other fun events.

Wichita Public Library Website: http://Www.WichitaLibrary.Org
Follow Wichita Public Library on Twitter:

Exploration Place

So sad to confess, but I had never been to Exploration Place before. I was glad I had an excuse to go. It was so much fun!



The above photos were during the lesson on sound effects. I think I really got more into it than the kids. I’m thinking of making a home movie just to try it out.




There was a Medieval area. Lots of photo ops.


This one, I wish was a better photo. It was an exhibit of fear, and how it spreads, socially. Very educational. I actually, read and watched more than took pictures.


My favorite is this survival simulation. You walk in, and your shadow enters the screen. The tiger/phanter/something minds its own business. When it looks your way, you’re supposed to freeze, and if it doesn’t notice you it carries on, and you’re supposed to continue this way until you can pass the course. I made the mistake of inviting Michelle. She decided to jump up right as the cat was about to turn back around. Yeah, we died. She sucks. I’m going back without her.





Mini town. I love mini towns, just because of the work involved in them, and because they’re cute.





And the rest is just more fun photo ops, because this was the most fun. Most definitely requiring a visit again soon.


Always a fun time. Been to Tanganyika, not sure how many times. I didn’t take as many pictures this time around. My best friend surely did, and they enjoyed feeding the tortoise, petting the kangaroos and the bearded dragon lizard. Me, I just like the giraffes.










Okay, and I snuck a Corona in while sitting in the refreshments area. Can’t sue me.

Women’s Fair 2015

*at Century II Expo Hall
*for more information to check out the website and connect with them via Facebook or Twitter to make sure you don’t miss next year’s event.

Women’s Fair is always a fun time for me. Most year’s I go with my mom. This year I had time to go with a friend and it was just as awesome and fun.

We met at the Lawrence Dumont Stadium where they had a free shuttle to the Expo Hall. I never knew there was a shuttle. Mom and I just always went early and fought for parking.


Once we got there the first booth as I enter is for the Girl Scout’s and my first spend was for Caramel Delights, because I couldn’t help myself. The second booth was the Wichita Eagle, and they had a $10 Wichita Eagle umbrella. I was trying to be frugal with my money, but I really should have gotten it. Sad face.

Of course, our first target was food so we walked towards the back to the food court, and the line was overwhelming, for an overpriced basic cheeseburger. There was no other choice. I’m glad I ate though, because the rest was tons and tons of magic!

I had free samples of salsas, dips, frozen sangria, cheeses, breads, and other things I’ll probably remember later.



We also did a “Five minute Make it and Take it” project by Stampin’ Up. That was so much fun. I’m considering doing a class. I usually suck at scrapbooking by this was a lot of fun.



Then there were the tourism booths, and my friend and I got all sorts of road trip ideas: Haunted Atchison, Wineries in Oklahoma, I got so many maps and brochures in my bag I still have to sort through.


I also got a great deal on a summer dress. Originally marked $49.99 and it was in the $10 rack. It said “One Size Fits All” which made me weary but for that price I’d have been more than happy to gift it if it didn’t fit. It did. It’s mine!


And the best part, the Wesley photo booth, I’m glad my friend knew about it and took pictures with me. It was the best memory I think of the day. Great times! I look forward to the next year’s Women’s Fair.

By the way, my friend in the picture is Sheila. Fantastic company! She knew all about the shuttle, where best to park and helped me navigate through the booths. Excellent guide! I highly recommend her.

Taste and See – Four Course Valentine’s Event


The surprise four course Valentine’s dinner unveiled to us by Chef Jason Febres. Prepare for pictures and just be jealous if you missed it.






All posted in the order they were served and also as listed on the menu. If I had to choose a favorite – the Pop Corn Duck, but then I’d need more Everything Sushi to really be unbiased, and probably Passion dessert again just because.

Chef never disappoints. Except, sir, that bottle does not glow in the dark as it claimed to when I read the back. I know, I tried it. Otherwise, lovely dinner, as always.


Cocoa Dolce – Artisan Chocolates


Mmmm… Best place to sit and have coffee for sure. Also, best chocolate and chocolate selections. Best treats all around. My fave are the Macarons.





I wish I could share this place with all of my friends, but so far there are only two locations, and both are in Kansas. I am shipping some treats to my friend in Texas. They had heart shaped Double Dipped Tahitian Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, and she is so lucky I haven’t licked them yet.


P.S. The fact that it’s a walk away from Sephora does not hurt at all either.

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