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Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2017

Posted on May 14, 2017 by under Events.    

Here are some pictures from Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2017 at the Alley.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Here’s a picture of our fundraising/bowling team, Power Strikes, with our team captain Faith. Our team consisted of Faith, Alex, Alicia, Mike, and me. Mike couldn’t make it that day; thus, he is missing from the photo.


Tammie, who is someone I usually solicit for a donation actually participated in the fundraising action this year. She and her husband Leo were on the El Dorado Service Center team.


Here’s a selfie of me and Sherii. She was on the same team as Lila, Kristen, Dorian, Reed, and Dylan. I had some serious team name envy with these guys because Lila came up with such a clever team name for them. They were the Alley Gators.


Here’s a selfie of me and Alex.


And another one with Alicia’s boyfriend Andrew who was Alex’ proxy.


Here’s a photo of Josh and Brian. Josh bowled with the Bowling Stones. We let Brian bowl with us since Mike couldn’t make it.


Faith was the winningest team captain in more ways than one. She actually won one of the fundraising raffles.


Lucky for Alicia, Faith doesn’t like wine, so Alicia went home with the wine bottles.


We got to bowl next to the Pink Ladies (Misty’s team). I didn’t take as many pictures this year as previous years because I actually tried to bowl. LOL.

We had a fabulous turnout this year. Last year we broke participation records when we had had 17 teams participate in the fundraising effort. This year we actually had 20 teams! We even had a couple of people who captained two bowling teams. Stacy Jones and Sam Salas both had two teams each.

We had employees from various areas of the company participate – El Dorado Service Center, Newton Service Center, Ark City Service Center, Substation Generation, Distribution System Operation, Customer Relations Center, Commercial & Industrial/Key Accounts, Customer Programs & Services, Real Estate, Operations, Corporate Communications, Revenue Assurance, Community Relations, Design, Network, Customer Field Services, and Wichita Line were all represented. It was wonderful to see all of these generous people come together to support Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Together we raised over $21,000 for the organization, which is $3,000 more than last year’s fundraising total. Our team, Power Strikes, raised over $4,000 and was the top fundraising team this year. With the team’s help, I managed to edge out Jimmy (Martinez) for the honor of top fundraiser.

My total this year was over $2,800. It’s the most I’d ever raised. EVER. Last year I think my total was only around $1,200. The Dance for Kids’ Sake Zumbathon® and our other fundraising events (Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, and our raffle) really helped us out. We worked really hard to get support from local businesses and it paid off.

This year was my first time being part of the top fundraising team. Last year, even though I was the top fundraiser, Jimmy’s team was the top team because their team raised more money overall. Faith was with Power Strikes and I bowled with the Bowlerinas. This year, Faith and I decided to join forces.

Faith and I agreed to team up again next year with the goal of defending our title. Except, we will have a new team name. We already have a bunch of fundraising ideas planned. It’s going to be tough to exceed this year’s performance but we are going to try. We have a big, hairy, audacious goal of raising over $5,000 for Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters next year.

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped make this year’s Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraising event successful. You are making a difference! We look forward to your help again next year.

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Dance for Kids’ Sake

Posted on February 18, 2017 by under Events, Zumba.    

I’ve been participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters’ bowling fundraiser on and off for about 15 years. It used to be called Bowl for Kids’ Sake. Now I believe it’s known as Change the Game for Kids’ Sake. Last year, I single-handedly raised $1195 for the campaign. Our team wasn’t the top fundraising team (Jimmy Martinez’ team took that honor) but we were definitely the best dressed. LOL.

Amy invited me to be on her team last year but, since she’s moved out of the Customer Relations Center and Wichita, she isn’t bowling with us this year. Faith, who I bowled with the year before, recruited me to be on her team again this year. Our team consists of Alex Weber, Alicia Grissom, Faith Roach, Mike Blake, and me.


Obviously, I’ve sent my individual fundraising emails already directing people to my fundraising page but we will also be doing fundraising as a team. One of our big fundraising efforts this year is Dance for Kids’ Sake, which is our take on Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Bowl for Kids’ Sake campaign but using Zumba® as the platform for reaching people and getting them involved instead of bowling.

I was actually really overwhelmed with the response when I put feelers out for hosting a Zumbathon® for Big Brothers Big Sisters. All of my ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) friends wanted to help. So we have nine amazing instructors teaching for 90 minutes. It’s going to be such a blast!

Faith secured the venue for us. The Zumbathon® will be held on Saturday, March 25, at the basketball court/gym in our office on Central. Doors will open at 2:30 PM and the dancing will start at 3:00 PM. While participants are waiting for the Zumbathon® to start they can take fun pictures at the photo wall (I ordered a couple of backdrops from Oriental Trading and Faith is going to let us use her photo booth props) and buy tickets for the raffle. We are raffling off some fabulous prizes! I’m super excited just thinking about it.

I’ve been pretty diligent about getting donations for the raffle. We will have lots of Lularoe stuff; a gift certificate for 20 free yoga classes at Satya Moon Yoga; the Alley donated some free bowling; go karts, and laser maze… We will have a fabulous basket full of Zumba swag. We will have passes to various area attractions and maybe even Music Theatre Wichita tickets. There will be a wine basket and a car car basket. It will be off the chain! I hope I’m using the expression correctly. LOL.

If we get half the attendance that they had at the Zumba Love Party at East YMCA, then we will raise lots of money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am super excited!


Speaking of the Zumba Love Party, here are some pictures from that event.



The instructors involved were Jonie, Charis, Missy, Jenny, and Aimee. They did such a great job on this member appreciation event including decorating and promoting. The event had a fabulous turnout!

The next member appreciation event is tomorrow at West YMCA. This one is called Step Up & Dance because it consists of Hip Hop Step with Jacqueline and Kristin and Zumba with Jonie and Joel. Sounds like a blast. I’m really bummed to miss it because (a) I have to teach my own Sunday Zumba class, (b) have to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and (c) it’s bowling night.

There are just too many fun things going on. Anyway, if you’re not doing anything, you should check out Step Up & Dance because it’s free for both members and non-members. And, of course, save the date for Dance for Kids’ Sake because not only will we have a great time but we’re also doing something that benefits our community! See you there!

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Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2016

Posted on May 14, 2016 by under Events.    


I’ve been participating in Bowl for Kids’ Sake for over 10 years but I have to say that this most recent Bowl for Kids’ Sake event we had has been the best one I’ve been part of – EVER. Not only did we double our participation compared to last year but we also raised over $17,000 as a group for Big Brothers Big Sisters. That’s about $7,000 more than we raised last year.


Also, Nickira got to bowl with us this year. She missed the event last year because our bowling day coincided with one of her cousins’ birthdays and she went to the birthday party instead. This time we planned ahead and didn’t have any schedule conflicts.


Another memorable part of this year’s event is our awesome team uniforms which went perfectly with our team name: Bowlerinas.


I wish there was a prize for best team uniform because we would have won, hands down. I may be just a tad biased but it’s true.


Even though we didn’t win a prize for our awesome costumes, I did get recognized for being the top fundraiser this year. For the first time ever I broke the $1,000 mark. I’d been top fundraiser before, many years ago, even though I only raised about $800. This time, with support from my amazing and very generous friends and family, I raised over $1,200 for Big Brothers Big Sisters.


It was truly a banner year for me for Bowl for Kids’ Sake fundraising. Hopefully I’ll be able to participate again next year and raise even more money for this wonderful organization. On behalf of our team captain Amy and my little sister Nickira, thank you to everyone who participated and/or donated to this event.


UPDATE: Here are a few more photos that I forgot to share the other day. These amazing photos were taken by my coworker friend, Joe Montiel. He does awesome photography work if you need a photographer you should hit him up.


Tammy and Don


The Pink Ladies (minus a couple of their team members) – Misty formed a team even though she doesn’t like to bowl. She had our friend Lindsay fill in as a proxy bowler. See, you don’t have to bowl at all to support the cause.

Untitled Untitled

Check out Brian’s amazing form. And to think this guy was bowling “back up” not too long ago. Now he out-bowls me on a regular basis.


Picture of me and Nickira with Tammy from Big Brothers Big Sisters


Group photo of all of the team captains this year

That’s pretty much it. See you all at Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2017!

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Bowl For Kids’ Sake is Around the Corner

Posted on March 13, 2015 by under Things to Do.    


I recently put a new sign in sheet by my door to help raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kid’s Sake. I was hopeful that I’d have several donations by now but I’ve actually had fewer visitors lately. I’m really bummed.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a cause that is close to my heart so it would really mean a lot to me if you guys help me support them through our generous donations.

Did you know that 67% of former Littles surveyed agree that their Big played a role in their decision to attend college? Donate today to help develop more college grads, community leaders and entrepreneurs.

Will you make a donation today and join my effort to give a child the resources he needs to be successful. Your donation can start a child on the path to academic achievement. Click here to visit my personal donation page.

Don’t wait! Donate Today!

Your donation will help change a child’s life for the better, forever.

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Friday Errands then Dinner at Sake

Posted on June 9, 2013 by under Food and Drink, Health, Shopping.    

Brian and I had to return my folding bistro table to JC Penney on Friday after work. I thought it would be perfect for the Bradley Fair jazz concerts, but it was just so poorly constructed that we didn’t even want to risk it. The package arrived on Thursday and we took it back to the store the very next day. This is what I get for impulse shopping online in the middle of the night. LOL.

For now we shall stick with our table in a bag, which actually worked great the other day. It’s just the right height for our backpack chairs.


Sake Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

Since we were already out and about, Brian and I decided to have dinner at Sake. The picture above is of my hibachi shrimp. That’s what I normally get whenever I go to these types of restaurants. Brian usually gets the chicken, which is what he had this time.

We lucked out and got Silo for our chef. We first met him when he worked at Sumo back when the restaurant was located on North Rock Road, in front of Northrock Lanes. That was like fifteen years ago. We don’t see him much anymore as we rarely go to hibachi restaurants these days. I just happened to have a Groupon this time around and we were already out so we went. I’m back to what I weighed when we first joined Genesis a couple of years ago so it’s time to buckle down again. No more eating out for a while. We’ll try not to anyway, except on special occasions.

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