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Pictures from the 10th Annual Brew Ha-Ha

Posted on November 7, 2016 by under Events.    

Here are a few pictures from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Brew Ha-Ha event at Flint Hills National Golf Club last weekend.


Spot’s Party Bus was there as usual with several busses to cart people between the various lodges and the clubhouse. They’re the party bus company we used for our Pokémon GO party the week before.

We actually got to meet Kurtis, who we worked with in making our party bus arrangements. He was driving the “Wu Spot” bus that night. I think the bus pictured above is their “Yoda” bus.

We also got to see Eddie, the driver who was assigned to our Pokémon Go party. He was driving the pink bus. I like how they have several busses and they had a really good system going that night. You were never waiting around too long for a bus.

The longest we had to wait was when we were at the end of Jim’s street but it wasn’t a designated stop. Kurtis was nice enough to drop us off at the end of Jim’s street on the way to lodges on the other side and he told us to just come back to the same spot when we were ready to return to the party. It worked like a charm. We had to wait a few minutes but, sure enough, a bus showed up momentarily and Eddie just happened to be the driver.


Brian and I like to get there early because the lodges aren’t as crowded and you get first dibs on the food and beverages but also because Flint Hills National Golf Club is breathtaking and you don’t really get to appreciate the scenery as much when it’s dark. This is our obligatory pre-party selfie. LOL.


We also took a selfie with Darcy and Justin. Notice how there’s not anyone in the background? As the evening wears on, there’s more and more people, and the lodges quickly get crowded to where there isn’t anywhere to sit.

If you’ve been to Brew Ha-Ha before or seen some of my pictures from previous years, you know what I mean.


Joe Parten (Carrabba’s) supports the event and has participated every year that we’ve been. Besides Carrabba’s the other participating restaurants Abuelo’s, Bonefish Grill, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, and Woodfire Grille. We had to get a selfie with Joe because he’s awesome. He’s involved in various community events and it’s great. More people should do the same.

Anyway, you’ll notice that there’s not as many vendors as Zoobilee but that’s exactly why we like it. The food is usually better and there’s not as many people so it’s not so overwhelming. We also love that you get to ride around in a party bus, which also has beer, so your feet aren’t on fire at the end of the evening.

We made our first round with Darcy and Justin and then we ended up going to visit Jim at his house. We ended up visiting a while and then had to wait for the bus to show up so we didn’t end up making it back to the party until almost ten o’clock, which meant no second round for us. LOL. I’m glad that we stopped by the clubhouse though; otherwise, we would have completely missed these fine folks.


We did miss Don and Denise so that was a bummer.


They took off while the rest of the group decided to hang out at the clubhouse a little while longer to enjoy music by Annie Up.

Besides Don and Denise, there were a few others we didn’t get to see. I wish we could have seen everyone but we still managed to have a great time nonetheless.

I did run into Tammy, Stephanie, and Susan from Big Brothers Big Sister and also got to enjoy some great music, delicious food, and fabulous company. Brian and I were a little disappointed that there weren’t any silent auction baskets up for bid this year but it was a great night all in all.

Brew Ha-Ha still tops our list of most favorite fundraising events. I hope we have the privilege of attending again next year.

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Brew Ha-Ha 2015

Posted on November 20, 2015 by under Events.    



Brian and I had a blast hanging out with coworkers and friends at the ninth annual Brew Ha-Ha event at Flint Hills National a couple of weeks ago. There were a couple of extra tickets because Lacie didn’t end up going so Darcy’s whole team got to go this year.


Here’s a photo of Brian with Darcy’s team member Josh and his partner Alicia.


Here’s the menu along with the list of beer and wine pairings.


Brian and I paid extra to get the commemorative wine snob tumblers. I’ll have to remember to bring a purse next year because toting around our beer mugs and wine tumblers was a bit tricky.


This was everyone’s favorite food item.


Our obligatory party bus selfie.


There was a car accident at the Flint Hills National entrance so we got stuck on the bus while the driver had to figure out another way back to the lodges. Thankfully, there was plenty of beer on the bus so, while we were missing out on food and the rest of the party, we didn’t get to miss out on beer drinking. Brian and Derek both showed off their pole-dancing skills. I didn’t get a photo of Derek, though. I only have this one of Brian.


Here’s a picture of the great-looking CRC group.


Brian and I left earlier than usual this year. I didn’t bring a jacket and it was a little chilly outside. We normally stay all the way to the end to claim our silent auction winnings but I got outbid on several things and assumed I didn’t win anything. However, I actually did win something.

I got a call from Shelly while I was in Topeka this week. I took a vacation day today to take care of errands so I stopped by the Big Brothers Big Sisters office this morning to pay for and claim my silent auction basket.

Among my silent auction goodies is $70 to Pinot’s Palette so there’s painting event in my future. Anyone else want to go?

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Brew Ha-Ha 2014

Posted on November 9, 2014 by under Events.    


We had a great time at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Brew Ha-Ha fundraising event on Friday night. The event, which is our most favorite fundraising event every year, is always a great time but it was even more meaningful for me this year because I started my journey as a big sister volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters in over the summer.

We saw several of my coworkers and former coworkers. We also met friends from outside of work. We spent most of the evening hanging with the Shermans and the Washingtons, who also happen to be our neighbors. I know I’ve raved about our neighbors before. We really have the best neighbors. If you are looking to buy a house in Southeast Wichita, Sierra Hills is the place to be.

The food this year was provided by Freddy’s (always our first stop because the beer milkshakes are a highlight of the event for us), P.F. Chang’s, Siena Tuscan Steakhouse, Newport Grill, and Woodfire Grille. No Carrabba’s this year, which was a bummer because we always enjoy visiting with Joe. They donated to the silent auction though, so they weren’t completely absent from the event. My favorite food was the braised short ribs that Woodfire Grille served. It was delicious. I don’t really drink beer. I mostly like to go to sample all the delicious food that the vendors offer.

Brian was hilariously inebriated, but not embarrassingly so. Thank heavens. I would like us to be invited back next year. =P Jokes aside, we both had a wonderful time and are already counting the days until the next one.

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Sixth Annual Brew Ha-Ha

Posted on November 4, 2012 by under Events.    

This has been the most amazing birthday week ever. Besides my epic massage with Michael at Sveta’s this morning, I also got to attend Brew Ha-Ha last Friday. Thank you to Dr. Sherman for the tickets!

Ever since I got to experience Brew Ha-Ha, it has become my most anticipated event each year — even more so than Zoobilee. Zoobilee is awesome but it has gotten so huge. You can’t walk without running into someone. Brew Ha-Ha has a Zoobilee feel, without the hordes of people. And, the drunk guests aren’t quite as obnoxious. LOL.

Since Brian and I now live closer to Andover, we arrived at the event pretty early. It was only twenty after six when we got to the clubhouse, but the parking lot was already filling up. Evidently, we weren’t the only ones who thought of coming early.

2012-11-02 18.18.11.jpg 2012-11-02 18.17.11.jpg

When we drove up, I was happy to see that Flint Hills National had not yet taken down their awesome Halloween decorations. I took advantage of the opportunity to take photos with a couple of them. The really good ones were by the entrance, though.

2012-11-02 18.30.52.jpg

Lila had an extra ticket so I convinced Darcy to go. I figured it would be a nice change of pace from her usual Friday night activities. She didn’t find any eligible bachelors that piqued her interest, though. I was hoping that the Kansas firefighters would be there with the Carrabba’s group. No such luck this year.

2012-11-02 21.02.05.jpg

I thought Kansas Star Casino’s Chef Adam Correa was as yummy as his food, though. Theirs (pictured below) was the best dish out of all of the dishes that we got to sample that night. I should have gone back for more.

2012-11-02 18.54.39.jpg

Besides Kansas Star Casino’s Woodfire Grille, the other restaurants that participated this year were Carrabba’s (of course), Chapada, On the Border, and Freddy’s Frozen Custard. The funny thing is that when we were on our way to Wilcox Lodge, the people leaving were complaining that there was no queso this year. I just realized why there was no queso. Last year the Mexican food was provided by Abuelo’s, who were absent this year. P.F. Chang’s was also notably absent.

We got split up early in the evening because when Darcy couldn’t find her lighter, she stalked some guy down for a light. He actually thought he was in trouble when she first tapped on his shoulder and asked if he was smoking. Much to his relief, all she wanted was a light. LOL.

Anyway, Darcy was taking a while so Brian decided he would brave the crowds at Dower Lodge in order to get a chili dog. Darcy came back to where I was waiting and enjoyed her cigarette as we both waited for Brian. Minutes passed and he still wasn’t back. The busses were few and far between so we finally got on one. I told Darcy that I would just call Brian and ask him to meet us at the next lodge.

As soon as the bus started to pull away, I saw Brian’s silhouette walking towards us. I waved at him, but he didn’t realize it was me. I wasn’t sure it was him either until he caught up to us at 4D Lodge later in the evening. He was a little mad that we left him but, hey, he’s the one who really wanted a chili dog. I told him, “I hope it was worth it.” The sad thing is that he didn’t even get one. He said the crowd was so thick that he never made it to the front. He finally just gave up and came back out. Darcy and I both told him that he was gone a really long time. After a few more glasses of beer, he was fine. Thank God for alcohol; otherwise, he would have been pissed at me all night.

Darcy and I decided to skip the chili dogs in favor of the other delicious offerings. However, the three of us did make our way back to Dower Lodge at the end of the evening because Brian really, really wanted one. Also, we heard about their delicious beer-infused milk shakes. We got there just in time. They ran out of stuff to make milkshakes shortly after we got ours. I’m glad we humored Brian and went back to Dower Lodge because I actually quite liked the milkshake. It tasted way better than I expected. Anyway, Brian was happy that he finally got his chili dog.

Brew Ha-Ha

BTW, I thought my blowout (courtesy of Holly at Beau Monde) held up pretty well. I continued to admire it even after we arrived back home that night. The pictures didn’t really do it justice. I’m so looking forward to having Holly cut my hair in January!

But I digress… Brew Ha-Ha is a super fun event that is not to be missed. Proceeds go toward Big Brothers Big Sisters, a really worthy cause. Ya’ll should consider attending (or donating, if you can’t attend) next year.


Brew Ha-Ha at Flint Hills National

Posted on November 5, 2011 by under Events, Food and Drink.    

Fwd: Fw: BBBS Brew Ha-Ha

Brian was out of town so I invited Jan to go with me to the Brew Ha-Ha fundraising event to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters at Flint Hills National Golf Club. We had a lot of fun! Well, I guess I can’t really speak for Jan but I had a great time!

2011-11-04 18.35.10.jpg

There was a band playing at the clubhouse and the scenery is simply breathtaking.

2011-11-04 18.35.43.jpg

The folks who live in that community are so fortunate that they have such beautiful surroundings. The landscape is gorgeous everywhere you look. It’s so beautiful, it makes me want to golf. It’s a shame I don’t know how.

The lodges can be rented out so it’s great for golf enthusiasts and non-golfers alike. If you don’t golf, you can still stay there and just enjoy the serene ambiance and nature in general. Perfect for an RNR-type getaway.

2011-11-04 19.41.02.jpg

This is a picture of one of the rooms. There are several well-appointed rooms to choose from as each lodge can accommodate several guests. The first lodge we went to was the Dower Lodge. Chef Dan Gary of Flint Hills National prepared potato soup and chili for the guests. The beers available at Dower Lodge were Molson Canadian, Moosehead, Labatt Blue and Alexander Keith’s IPA.

Devlin Lodge was across the way. The cuisine there was by Chef Peter Moretti of the Wichita Marriott. We had some delicious crab salad on these shell dishes. I also had some roast pork and a delicious pastry dish. The beers offered there were by the local River City Brewing Company: River City Harvester Wheat Ale, Rock Island Red and Old Town Brown.

We had to hop on the party bus in order to get to the three lodges on the other side of the golf club. Rohde Lodge was our first stop on the other side. We feasted on Mexican cuisine by Chef Chuck Oullette. I just had chips and salsa and this delicious Mexican chicken pasta dish. I skipped the queso and the papas. It would have been so easy to pig out on everything, but I had to be somewhat selective. In keeping with the Mexican theme, the beers offered were bottles of Dos Equis Lager, Dos Equis Amber, Tecate and Pacifico.

We then walked next door to Wilcox Lodge where they had Asian cuisine by Chef Angela Mitchell of PF Chang’s China Bistro. They had chicken lettuce wraps and some spicy breaded shrimp. The beers offered at Wilcox Lodge were O’Fallon Hemp Hop, Green Flash West Coast IPA and Tiger.

Next was 4D Lodge adjacent to Wilcox. This was the best lodge yet because this is where the Kansas firefighters were selling and signing calendars. Ran into several people who I’d met at Holiday Galleria just a few weeks prior. The food at Wilcox Lodge was by Chef Joe Parten of Carrabba’s Italian Grill. This place had the most food and most variety offered, but all I had was the chocolate cake. It’s a shame that I was already full because I really wanted to eat everything they had to offer. I’m actually kind of proud of myself for having some semblance of self-control (or “will control” as Brian calls it because he likes to combine both will power and self-control – LOL). The beers offered at 4D Lodge were Tallgrass Velvet Rooster, Tallgrass Halcyon and Summit Extra Pale Ale.

Back at the clubhouse where they had cookies and coffee at the end of the evening, they also had Shocktop Wheat and Sam Adams Winter Lager. Brian is a huge Sam Adams fan so it was a real shame that he was out of town last night. He would have really enjoyed the evening. I didn’t drink any beer at all. I had a couple of sips of some kind of pinot noir and then drank water the rest of the evening. The only memory I have of the beer are the beer tasting mugs that I got to take home. I took mine home and grabbed an extra one for Brian. Jan and Jim both gave me theirs, and then Jim’s neighbors didn’t want theirs so I got those as well. Jan said I should have gone for eight. =P I have a full set of six, which one of the wonderful golf club employees helped me wrap in newspaper and put in a plastic sack, so I was happy. LOL. I’m way too easy to please.

Besides running into the firefighters, I also ran into Ann and Jeremy who I’d met at Stacy and Jeff’s sushi party earlier this year. I hadn’t seen them since (except on Facebook) so that was really nice. We didn’t get to visit though, because the event was so crowded. I didn’t get to go to the event last year (this is the 5th annual Brew Ha-Ha fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters), but it seemed to be a great turnout. Even though I didn’t drink, I had a blast going from lodge to lodge and sampling all of the delicious dishes offered. I hope I get to go again next year!


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