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Food Pictures from the Filipino Ball

Posted on June 26, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

The food at the ball was actually pretty good. That or I was just super hungry. LOL. I thought it was good, though. Kudos to the Marriott Hotel.


The salad had feta and pecans. The creamy raspberry dressing was delicious. I liked the salad so much that I claimed a second salad from the vacant seat at our table. Little did I know that the person who belonged to that seat was just running late. Jennifer (Cannady) and Brian both gave me a look. Ooops!

Lucky for me, we had the best server in all of Wichita. I asked Malasia if she could bring another salad and she did. Problem solved.


The boys had chicken fingers and fries.


The grown ups got chicken and steak and potatoes and mixed veggies.


I normally don’t like steaks because they’re often not cooked enough (rare) or too dry (when I ask for well-done). These were medium and were cooked perfectly. The middle was pinkish, but not too pink that I couldn’t eat it. I liked the chicken also. Both were prepared very well.


For dessert we had a choice between some kind of chocolate caramel cheesecake and strawberry poundcake. Both were very good. Brian had the cheesecake. I had a couple of bites of it. It was very sweet and decadent.


I had the strawberry cake and loved every bite. I’m so glad that Brian danced with me all night because we consumed a lot of calories that evening. I doubt we were even able to burn it all off that evening. The food was delicious though, and well worth the extra calories. It’s reason enough to attend again next year.

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