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Denver Work Trip

Posted on May 25, 2013 by under Travel.    


I was in Denver last week for our meeting with Avaya. Holy cow! Their Denver office is super nice. The picture below is of their patents that are on display in the lobby.


This is one part of their impressive lobby which puts the atrium in our building to shame. Not only are the walls glass, but the ceiling is made of glass as well.


Here’s photo of the glass ceiling.


It was a quick trip so we flew in early on Tuesday morning, spent the night and flew out on Wednesday afternoon. I caught Don using the hotel’s front desk computer to print his boarding pass.


I was supposed to caption this, “Don has options!” LOL.

P.S. I wish I could have taken pictures of their showcase lounge where they have several large monitors mounted to the wall, a large projector screen in the middle, and phones, computer workstations, and iPads set up all around the room. The cushy chairs swiveled and had built-in foldable desks so you could have a writing surface. It was quite impressive. There is no way to get cellphone signal in the executive briefing center, though. Oh, well. Perhaps we will get invited to visit again and I could take pictures of the room then.

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  • Replies to "Denver Work Trip"


    Sean  on June 7, 2013

    That building is hideous. It looks as though it’s shaped specifically to communicate with the “mother ship” in another galaxy. Amazing that with all this high-technology inside the building we can’t make anything that even comes close to the design and craftsmanship one hundred years ago.

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