The Monarch in Delano



Brian and I finally got to try the Monarch. I had high hopes for this place because of some of the comments I’d heard from other people. Sadly, it was just so-so. Maybe we just didn’t order the right items from the menu?


Speaking of menu, here’s a glimpse of theirs.


And their signature cocktails are as follows.


I did like the peppadew hummus. It was very good.


I figured that Brian would order the Cuban, but he got the gold rush instead. I guess he wasn’t that hungry.


He said that his sandwich was just okay. He thought he could have made a better grilled cheese sandwich for $8.49. That is a bit steep for grilled cheese. I don’t care what you put in it. Good thing we had a Groupon.


The Monarch on Urbanspoon

I got the chicken caprese, which was tasty but not great. I did like the homemade potato chips. I prefer those over fries. For a good sandwich downtown, I still prefer Caffe Moderne.

Maybe we really didn’t order the right things? Who knows? All I know is I’ve eaten at places where I’ve loved everything that I’ve tried on the menu. This isn’t one of those places.

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