The Candle Club

Ever felt like you just stepped out of a time machine into a different era? That’s what going to the Candle Club is like. It reminds me of old downtown Las Vegas.

We aren’t members, but we had the opportunity to dine there last Friday because the Fabulous Fleshtones were playing that night. We got a table right in front of the stage.


We had the lavosh and their spinach and artichoke dip to start. Except we both got really fully on the appetizers and ruined our appetites.


Instead of eating dinner, we just skipped directly to dessert. We got to try a couple of their dessert items: the molten chocolate cake (pictured above) and the crème brûlée (pictured below).


Both were delicious, but I preferred the crème brûlée because the chocolate cake was just too rich. The crème brûlée was perfect. Its consistency reminds me of the ones they serve at Bonefish which Brian loves.


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I also got to try a couple of martinis that night: a chocolate martini (pictured above) and a lemon drop martini (not pictured). Both were very good as well. We had a wonderful evening watching the Fabulous Fleshtones perform and celebrating Doug’s retirement. Several people from work even joined us.

Overall, I really like the Candle Club and wouldn’t mind going there again. Of course, we can only go whenever our friends are performing because we’re not members. That’s probably a good thing.

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