An Pho at Kansas Star Casino


Brian and I went to the Kansas Star Casino last week to claim his free gift. We got there later in the day and they had run out of all the good stuff. All they had left were these knives, Coleman multitools, and some scarves. Brian and I agreed that we would get the most use out of the knives.


While there Brian and got to try An Pho, the Vietnamese restaurant inside the casino. They have very limited seating. I guess because most people tend to eat very quickly and resume gambling. Of course, I had pho.


An Pho on Urbanspoon

Brian ordered their chicken banh mi, which he said was just so-so. Neither of us were impressed with the quality of the food.

I think I’ve gotten spoiled because I’ve had some really good pho in this lifetime. We’ve had really good banh mi also. Brian said this was the first time he’d had chicken banh mi. Usually the sandwich consists of sliced pork.

The one nice thing about An Pho is that it’s conveniently located inside the casino so you don’t have to go outside to get some grub. It’s not that great though. I’d say if you really want some Vietnamese food, try one of the awesome Vietnamese restaurants in town like My Tho on Central and Emporia.

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