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Piccadilly Project Recognigtion Dinner

Posted on March 23, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

I had to go to an impromptu dinner on Tuesday night for my work. The IT Director wanted to recognize the Project Managers for each department for their continued support and assistance for getting the new project platform off the ground.

I don’t like spontaneity as I am a planner and already had plans that evening. My wife advised that I should never decline these offers as it tends to look bad; like you’re not a team player. So my wife and I came up with an alternative plan for the evening and I reluctantly went to dinner.

We went to Piccadilly Market and Grill located at 7728 E. Central here in Wichita. It’s been around for years but it had been some time since I had been there. It was originally touted as a Mediterranean place but over the years it seems that their menu has expanded beyond that. I noticed they still had a lot of Mediterranean items to choose from but their menu seemed to be more well rounded now.

Here are some pictures of a few of the items we got to enjoy.


This is the hummus appetizer that we ordered. It was a good size for the eight people that were in attendance and we all passed it around with some still leftover.


This was the nacho plate that we got as a second appetizer. Again, it was more than the eight of us could eat.


I got the butcher block. Normally this is one of my favorite sandwiches. It’s a simple plate. Unfortunately, I was unimpressed with this one. The fries were okay but the bread on the sandwich was overdone, and there was hardly any meat in it.


This is what my boss got. It was some kind of noodle dish with teriyaki chicken, pork, and shrimp in it. She said it was very good.


I should have ordered the chicken fried chicken. It looked amazing and the two people who got it said it was very good.


Piccadilly Grill on Urbanspoon

The rest of the people in our party ordered steaks. Overall it was a good night. I even managed to make it out in time to pick Ching up from her workout class.

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  • Replies to "Piccadilly Project Recognigtion Dinner"


    Jo Alonso  on March 23, 2013

    My favorite at Picadilly is the Fatoush Salad with Salmon. It never fails. I order a half size and it’s perfect. No second guessing on this one.

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