Paisano’s Ristorante in Lawrence

We had a work dinner at the Paisano’s in Lawrence last week. I’ve had dinner at their Topeka location before, but it was my first time at the Lawrence location. The interior of the Lawrence restaurant looks just like the one in Topeka. Actually, everything seemed pretty consistent between the two restaurants.

Here are some of the food pictures…



Since I’d had a pretty heavy dinner the previous night, I opted to order out of the “slim” menu. I got the chicken and shrimp mixed grill (pictured below), supposedly just a little over 300 calories. It proved to be a great choice.


Paisanos Ristorante on Urbanspoon

The entrĂ©e that I selected was perfect for me. I normally don’t eat veggies but, for the most part, this dish only had veggies that I liked to eat — broccoli, artichokes, and the like. The best part is that it’s on the lighter side. I will definitely order it again next time I find myself at Paisano’s.

Paisano’s is pretty good. I had no idea about the Lawrence location. I’ll have to remember it next time I’m in town. The only down side is that it’s not on Mass Street. I guess that could also be a plus in that it’s easier to find parking. Anyway, Paisano’s is going on the list of restaurants to take Brian next time we venture out to Lawrence for one of our candle shopping excursions.

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